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Winter Rain And Dad’s Kahawa

Kaashmiri Kaahwa (Kashmiri Kahawa, kehwa, kahwa, qehwa) is my absolute favorite ! I am a Rain lover no matter when it rains.. ! My dad is a kashmiri culture lover… and a nature lover too.. he becomes absolutely adorable when the mercury drops down along with the rain and prepares this one very delightful elixir that eases all the senses and makes the evening blissful.

He prepares it with Darjelling Green tea leaves adding cloves,
 cardamoms and cinnamon. Add the sweetness of honey/sugar in the golden brown drink (he adds honey.. I add sugar 😀 ) and garnish it with chopped almonds.. And the bliss drink is ready to serve !

Conversations and memories shared during this time are just like the colour it is ! – GOLDEN !

P.s. !! Ohh ! Why goa.. ? I did mention about the Conversations and memories.. The latest and the finest memories we have are of our family trip to Goa where we met amazing new people and some old friends bringing more of smiles and memories to life 🙂


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