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Wedding : Shivangi & Varun Highlights

Shivangi & Varun have been dating for over 7 years.. everyone had just been waiting for the moment when they tied the knot.. friends and family flew from all over the world to be a part of the celebrations and the only thing that the couple focused upon was a simple wedding where everyone could have max fun. And needless to say they did!

I had asked Shivangi over the mail prior to the wedding about people she can’t live without & she said – Friends! True to it.. the wedding was complete with crazy-happy bunch of people dancing their way to every single chance.

Shivangi’s makeup was done by Shikha Dua (who owns her salon by the name of Beauty Station at two locations in Delhi) who happens to be one of my favorite & most recommended makeup artists.

For now, these are wedding highlights I’ve posted for the ever so excited family & friends and I can’t wait to share their entire wedding!

The love this couple’s family & friends showed was so warming, that I was overwhelmed.. this wedding truly showed me how friends are family & I can’t thank Shivangi’s parents for their trust, support & their heart warming smiles that made me push myself ever so harder. Also, a very special mention to Ankush Maria (Imageshastra) for being there in a heartbeat (There are some really cool moments in this post that have been framed by him). This wedding, I simply couldn’t have done without him by my side as a strong support.

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