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Travel : PhotoDiary – A Day at Vrindavan before Holi (2011)

My first visit to Vrindavan was a couple of days before Holi. The celebrations for Holi in the land of Banke Bihari goes on for weeks. Even though I can’t really tell you what happens when – Since that is a story for another post, I can definitely ensure that you will come back with a little more color than you dressed your body and soul with.

My first experience is something that I am still struggling to put in words so without further delay, I am sharing a series of photographs I dared to take when you can never be sure where a wonderful splash of  a combination of fragrance & color water can come your way.
My journey started early in the morning when the sun was yet to rise. A bus full of ladies with dhol and manjira and everyone singing the tales of Krishna.

How to reach: 

Approx 140 kms from Delhi – I personally suggest taking a bus. You’ll probably get lucky with a wonderful group that sings and dance throughout the way.

What not to miss:
– Pedas! Every shop allows you to taste before you buy. Forget about recommendations- just go and try some and pick the box -or maybe two! (and get one for me!)
– Chaat – My favorite amongst all is Gol gappas filled with chic peas and tangy water.
– Milk – You’ll be amazed at the variety of flavors you get both in milk and lassi.
– Banke Bihari Mandir : This temple is the only one that you need to go and experience. Take your colors along and let the magic of the lands & it’s many tales take over you. Braj Holi will be an experience of lifetime.

– Always cover your gadgets in a waterproof case.
– Take care of your belongings and yourself (most places are crowded and pick-pocketing is common and so is harrasment & teasing).
– Be generous while being aware of surroundings too (You may come across a lot of people in need of help- sure help them-try to buy the food for needy rather than giving them money).
– Keep loose-cash handy.
– Carry a new white dress and once you get back – don’t wash it. The fragrance will be a reminder forever.
– Beware of monkeys – especially when you are holding something small in your hand. Recommend to carry a backpack and put everything in it. Not to forget, wear the backpack on the front.
– Walk with a smile and simply say Radhe Radhe !

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