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Travel Diaries: Mussoorie # 1

As I sit down to write the very first Blog post on my recent trip to the Queen of Hills, I am clueless of how it will actually come out. I am unsure of what all to include and what all to exclude. But when this trip was first decided upon, I knew in that very instant, that it will be something off-beat for my cousins, that this trip would be (at places) a complete disaster for someone at some point. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t ! And to my utter surprise, my cousins and I were asking for more from this trip.

The very first rule of this trip was – Not to eat at any of the FRANCHISE (the stupid CCD, Domino’s and blahs were off the list! and so was shopping from the many BRANDED stores across the Mussoorie Mall Road). Oh I am sorry ! I forgot to mention, this trip wasn’t the Backpacking super adventure sort. It doesn’t include some extra-ordinary surprising adventure through rough patches or roaming in the wild woods all alone, infact this is as any regular kids-from-the-city-being-tourist-at-a-hill-station kinda travel diary. We were staying at Club Mahindra Resort Avlon Mussoorie in a 2BHK apartment that we got to go crazy in booked under my dad’s membership and our travel and expenses sponsored by my grandparents.

I am here to share what we did in those 4 days and what we all experienced that made us want to extend our trip. P.s. Mussoorie is truly a place you would want to visit more than once (if you ditch the places people swear by not to miss!)

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