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The Detox Kitchen Bible

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How many of us have treated ourselves with something delicious that we have always saved up as indulgence? How many times have we promised ourselves to have a healthier eating plan from next day but failed simply because the idea itself was’t delicious enough?

Well…we can always pop out un-reasonable excuses that do nothing but continue to degrade our health inside-out.

The Detox Kitchen Bible has simple food recipes that focuses on foods that are both tempting and pleasurable to eat. The simple goal of the book is : to create delicious recipes that work with your body, not against it, giving it the best chance to do what it does naturally. 

Over the course of 7 recipes that I will be sharing, I would be highlighting Detox dishes inspired by Indian everyday meal so it is easier for you to get started with healthier lifestyle from ingredients right inside your kitchen.

As you follow these detox recipes in your everyday meal, you can easily stock up your kitchen with healthy food substitutes replacing & kicking out the little devils that resides in your very own kitchen. (Don’t go overboard and dump everything, take baby steps into a healthy lifestyle to make it a permanent change).

Reading this book is an indulgence in itself. It is packed with so much information that you simply don’t have to look up anywhere else. All recipes mentions the calories, ingredients (and substitutes- I found replacing Honey with Maple Syrup a life saver… ), procedure, nutrients & the health issue where a particular recipe works well.

This book is a Master-Piece creation by Lily Simpson & Rob Hobson & all credits for the following 7 posts goes to them…

Detox Bible – Day 1 – Cucumber, Mint & Yogurt Dip
Detox Bible – Day 2 – Spicy Nuts
Detox Bible – Day 3 – Mango Yogurt with Dried Apricots & Banana
Detox Bible – Day 4 – Ginger, lemongrass & clove Tea
Detox Bible – Day 5- Broccoli & Ginger Soup
Detox Bible – Day 6 – Brown rice & Mushroom risotto
Detox Bible – Day 7 – Mango & Raspberry Sorbet

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