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Ten people dead, alive or fictional who you want to meet and why ?

1. Emma Watson- Number one Influential Lady of all times!
2. Dumbledore- ‘Coz you may not like him, Minister, but you can’t deny Dumbledore’s got a style! Also, coz I believe he is the best man to help me figure out the real meaning of Deathly Hallows which is not just about the Cloak of Invisibility, Resurrection Stone & Elder’s Wand.
3. Boyfriend- Imaginary world counts?
4. Deepika Padukone- When I meet her, I don’t care how crazy it look. I am going in for a big bear hug! I always behave around with celebrities, but with Deepika, it ain’t gonna happen!
5. The Obamas- I can’t help but wish to meet both of them.
6. Man who traveled world in 80 days- Even though I have real struggles to get into classics, I am fascinated to meet the man who took the step in a heartbeat and did it!
7. J.K. Rowling- You seriously thought I would add two people related to the wizarding world and not wish be honored to meet the Queen herself! Naah Naah!
8. Mulan- The wonderful person from Disney’s world! We need so much more such stories. We do!
9. Jacob Black- The ever so fabulous werewolf from the twilight saga. The author made sure readers fall in love with that character deep and hard!
10.Time turner – Oh I know if is not a person! But how fabulous it will be to have time turner just for a while and re-live the times and watch how we felt in the moment! I just want to re-live some times. I don’t want to meddle with time or change anything.
Or on second thoughts, use the time turner to get back to anyone who tried to take their lives, to tell them that it is okay and there are people who love them and that the phase of their life will be over soon.

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