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Style Shoot : Guilty Bytes (Turns4)

My year 2016 began with a real long work off. It broke off two weeks later with a BANG! I met Devina to shoot for #GuiltyBytesTurs4 and what a fab time it was!

Guilty Bytes shoot & banner- Sunflare Arthouse

I have been following Guilty Bytes from the very beginning..
I’ve always appreciated it and her work and kick starting 2016 shooting with Devina Malhotra was not only fabulous but also an honor..
In between the wedding season ahead (which is getting hectic already)- I am honored yet again to shoot the portraits of an author who’s book I loved reading, which I will be posting next! January has truly been a blessing.

Devina 01-16

Devina 01-27

Devina 01-29Devina 01-4Devina 01-12Devina 01-1Devina 01-35Devina 01-13Devina 01-2Devina 01-28Devina 01-25

P.s. Some of us want to grow up to make our parents proud. I met Devina’s mom during the shoot – and it fills me with inspiration to see sparkling light in her eyes as she talks about her daughter.

You can check out her post into completing Four Years of Successful Blogging.

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