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Sense of Satisfaction

There is always a sense of satisfaction when you complete something… A page you were writing on, a book you were reading, a place you traveled or a project you were working on.

It feels sooo good that you always want more of it.
You always want another page to write in more… another book to immerse yourself in..another location that would touch your soul and spending more time with a happy client (who become family) to create more memories when they celebrate life as years roll by.

P.s. Well, I always feel satisfied with a plate I’ve just emptied too!


So with reference to my own thoughts, here I am starting a project to get things done! As a working professional, the priority is to get the work done and to deliver to clients which sometime leads to plans and to-do that piles up and grows. Sometimes we think it will happen in a day, a week or in a couple of weeks. But unfortunately, the pile grows and grows and we feel stuck.

Next one month is dedicated to get it all done along with work and making sure to be active participant to home-based-work as a part of responsibility.

  • I have to admit that I spent first day only to get things sorted into work-line and to get the meals and plans fixed for the month ahead and hence I haven’t done what I was supposed to do when I started this.
  • Having said that, this post is a one of the things that was on the list for long! And here you go!
  • I am basically pulling out all the data and working on the photographs I have taken over the years and really putting it out!
  • Which means, this blog may get more exciting attention in some time. So you might want to watch this space!

Credits for this photograph goes to my dad! He has a way of photos that make me believe that every photograph taken by someone represents how they see a person they are photographing. Photography is one fantastic medium that has more ways to astonish us than life itself has! 

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