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Random Questions

When you start a blog, there are always some things on the to-do list that you have to try out. 
Answering random questions was definitely on it ! So here is another post after the very popular Post – 100 things about me !
Smoked a cigarette?
– Naah, the smell is sick!
Crashed a friend’s car?
– Yay! Kriti’s! Oh and I am mentioning the big and first crash only! Small scratches don’t count on Delhi roads, do they?
Stolen a car?
– Nope (sneaked out yeah 😉 )
Been in love?
– Ofcourse
Been dumped?
– Naah.. You need to be in a jerky screwed relationship to be dumped
-Nope! Shopping during sales has its benefits
Been in a fist fight?
– Does getting into one with your sister counts?

Snuck out of your parent’s house?
– Never at night though
Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
– umm.. for a long time yes..! Though it came as a surprise later 😉
Been arrested?
– Never been that crazy
Gone on a blind date?
– Naah! Never will! The idea is absurd!
Skipped school?
– Yeah 😉
Been on a plane?
– Beach! Yeah
Seen someone die?
– Not a person though..
Been to Canada?
– Nope… not on list either as yet
Purposely set a part of yourself on fire?
– wohow! No … but played around with candle flames enough!
Been jet-skiing?
– yep!
Met someone in person from the Internet?
– Yeah ! Amol Bodhankar and followed up with related friends 😀
Taken pain killers?
– Yeah. One time especially during a wedding shoot when I hit the floor hard enough to get swollen. Winter wedding called up for one!
P.s. Never felt the pain.. not untill 7 am in the morning. God bless the pills!
Flown a kite?
– yeah ! Kae po che!
Built a sand castle?
– yeah ! All the time at kindergarten and outside home during construction and beach 😀
Gone puddle jumping?
– All the time ! P.s. Include puddle splashes during rain.
Cheated while playing a game?
– We call it 420 game for a reason!
Been lonely?
– Sometimes that’s what I love.
Fallen asleep at work or school/college?
– yeay ! The incidences are too many to jot down here. Never got caught seriously though.
Used a fake ID?
– yes ! To get a new copy for full proof !
Felt an earthquake?
– Oh yes! And I felt someone know the door real hard. Once it felt like my hair pony was doing tricks to me! Weird I know
Touched a snake?
– As a child yes… Birla temple and Manali Hidima Temple
Slept beneath the stars?
– Yes ! And that was the most beautiful thing ever !
Been robbed?
– Yeah 🙁
Been misunderstood?
– Sadly yes! Especially when a PJ goes bad and the person doesn’t understand it at the first place 😉
Won a contest?
– Yes ! Never cashed the winning price though 😛
Run a red light/stop sign?
– Yep!
Been suspended from school?
– *devil’s grin* along with 25 others. Happy Birthday to me !
Been in a car accident?
– Almost, but fast reflexes have saved me all the times!
Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night?
– Understatement if you asked me if I did it just once in life!
Walked the streets drunk?
– I don’t drink. And I don’t miss any level of fun for that!
Had déjà vu?
– Yes! Enough to feel I was psychic in childhood!
Danced in the moonlight?
– In between night walks, yes!
Witnessed a crime?
– Yes, never in court though.
Been obsessed with post-it notes?
– hahaha ! Hell yes ! Perks and dangers of a home-office!
Squished barefoot through the mud?
– weeeeeeeheeeee ! Yes!
Been lost?
– I have practically zero sense of directions! so all the time… oh but that is fast changing 😀
Been on the opposite side of the country?
– yes!
Swum in the ocean?
– Yes 😀
Cried yourself to sleep?
– Yes 🙂 But don’t we all at some point of time in life?
Played cops and robbers?
– Yes yes yes!
Recently colored with crayons?
– A couple of months ago. However just a couple of days ago we splashed enamels and water colours on a 9 chart sheet spread!
Sung karaoke?
– Nope. Just crazy singing in long drives! that’s my favourite de-stressor ever !
Paid for a meal with only coins?
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
– Many times! Includes a lot of time when I promised myself not to eat something particular. But weight watching can never be a success for me! And I kinda like it that way 😉
Made prank phone calls?
– Yes! One of my college professors was in love with me. Oh! And the interesting part is the professor was ‘SHE’ !
Caught a snow flake on your tongue?
– Never 🙁 okay! So I really love winters! But extreme cold is not my thing at all!
Written a letter to Santa Claus?
– Yes ! With horrible mistakes enough to dump the card now after years of saving it up!
Blown bubbles?
– Nightouts at India Gate has been a blessing in my city. So yes!
Bonfire on the beach?
– On to-do list!
Cheated on a test?

– Yes..attached a whole answer sheet I wrote already for the expected questions in class tests. Not to be miss-leading to juniors reading this blog post- I scored full marks on the final test on same questions 🙂

So… that’s about it! Got a question? Ask in below comments or feel free to mail me at 

Have a happy day !

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