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Project: Backstage Diaries FDCI

Backstage Diaries-37

About the Series

A designer’s job can clearly come to an end the moment they finish a garment/piece and hand it over to the model to walk in. A makeup artist can just brush up the face and do hair styling and put some lip colour. A model can just walk the ramp off and not care in the world for anything. The sound and light people can just set up and let things do for itself. A couple more people can just write on it while photographers can let lose their shutters and wait for the perfect picture (& go frenzy for the controversial moment). But that is not the case. There is soo much more that goes backstage than just the 10 minute walk that audience see and make critics about. There is passion, there is experience of over years, there are a zillion trials and errors and above all, how all these people work and coordinate with each other to make that 10 minute show a spectacular magic that becomes the talk of the world is what backstage diaries hope to present.

The idea is to be able to share the insight and feed the curious minds what really goes behind that one garment that makes it to the cover of a magazine, of the garment that becomes an identity of an individual for their hope to make a perfect first impression.
Words may fail here for FASHION is a lot more for people out their. It is their lifeline.

(Personal Thoughts)
For someone like me for whom fashion seemed like just another thing, meant the world to one of my friends who has dreamt all her life to make a mark in the industry. The million dollar fraternity where everything goes with instinct and made into a trend by the ones sitting on the top most levels

I saw it as a discomfort and always had been in love with the pair of well fitted jeans, loose shirt, messy open hair,a few bands around my wrist as travel souvenirs and super comfortable pair of shoes ! For me, high heels was a nightmare ! And the first time I had to wear the traditional suit for a close cousin’s wedding, I was horrified. The first time I had put on the make up – my family was horrified (well it wasn’t a zombie make-up, the eye-liner and lip color was enough to surprise them) and the first time I wore high heels to my best friend’s wedding – you guessed it right – the entire world around me was horrified.

Fashion for me never made sense and in a couple of years when I actually started reading newspaper & the supplementary newspaper had started popping up with images from the ramp. It was pure trash for me. I mean I never understood what is the whole purpose of it.
But then curiosity came in and there was a constant hunger in my mind to know how it all is coming to action and what is the purpose.

Just when I was finishing up my last year at collage with Bachelors in Journalism with my hopes to come out of the personal diary era as a writer for a magazine and willingness to be able to deliver some of the finest photographs, came the day when this friend of mine who I earlier mentioned got an opportunity to work with designers backstage.

Not everyone is allowed backstage with a camera, definitely not someone who does’t even understand the F of FASHION and there is a big NO in the Greenroom! Backstage Diaries was always one of the projects I had in my mind simply because I have, like any girl like me, always been fascinated by the details of what goes behind the entire event.

Backstage diaries is my attempt to present details of what goes to present a show of 10 minutes and to be able to do any justice to the madness that happens at the second change.

Since I moved from Blogger to WordPress site, I couldn’t update the posts for Backstage series since I wanted to do it in more organised fashion. You can find links to all the posts in the end of this post.

Idea/note :
The idea to shoot the backstage moments was born with the curiosity of the process that takes a garment from the stores to the runway.
There’s more to the Fashion week than just the designer clothes and models walking the ramp for a few minutes..
It takes hard work of hundreds of people to bring the designer clothes to life !
The backstage diaries was started to document the process and some candid moments that would create a memory for the designers.

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Real Bride who wore one of the pieces (that, when I look back at the photographs in the series- happened to be everyone’s favorite -including mine!)

Couple Session : Roka : Richa & Manik

I would like to thank Paras Bairoliya & Shalini Jaikaria for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of their journey and encouraging me throughout.

The first post was done in 2012 and have been among the top viewed series on previous blog, this has to be one of my most memorable experience that taught me so much & improved me in many ways.

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