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Portrait Session : Riddhima

I love meeting new people. Photography is one way I get to explore, see & find details in things that simply is impossible otherwise. I know it sounds pretty cliche’…but really, the kind of people I’ve met on my journey, have simply made my life enriched with new experiences that I can’t imagine I would have encountered had I taken up writing in a closed office space (a couple of weeks hopping into internship at various places was enough to give me a fright to chuck the idea of that sort of fixed job entirely).

Since I took up blogging seriously (well, more seriously than before), I’ve actually been astonished to see so much talent there is out there. A woman standing strong on her decisions particularly interest me with the aura she posses. I had the opportunity earlier to do portrait session with Niharika, and I am totally looking forward to being a part of her life in a bigger aspect.

Here are a couple of my favorite photographs from Riddhima’s portrait session we did in her HKV apartment. This is not the first time we’ve worked together. Yet every time, she possess a positive vibe that makes me feel blessed to be have met her on Instagram.

Riddhima -1Riddhima -2Riddhima -3Riddhima -4Riddhima -5Riddhima -6Riddhima -7Riddhima -8

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