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Packing Up For Travel Photography

Article shared on The Indian Backpacker site :

So, you have finally packed up your bags and are all set for the holiday you have been planning for months. With everything on your checklist stuffed into your luggage, its finally time to set up your photography gear bag. It is easy to get so moved by the excitement of the trip that one can easily forget the essentials and either pack too much or too less.
The first key with Travel Photography is to always pack your bags wise. The reason is simple! If you pack too much, you would be too tired to take out the camera from the bag by the end of the day. And if you pack too less, you would soon regret not being prepared by the right lens and fall short of memory storage. Not to forget, dying batteries are no less than a nightmare!
Here are a few points to keep in mind while packing for travel photography to come home with incredible images and memories of a lifetime.

1.Invest in a weather-proof bag –
That’s right! There is nothing else that can spoil your mood and zeal to capture those award winning images if you are nervous about your gear being damaged. No one wants their expensive equipment to be damaged by the weather. It is always best to invest in a nice bag that would keep your gear safe in the unexpected weather.
2. Choosing your gear –
It’s probably the most commonly asked question: “What lens/body should I carry? ”The answer of which is simple. Pack up in moderation and carry your best gear because the results would be worth it. Carry one body with two lenses and enough batteries and a charger along with memory cards. Choosing a lens can be a personal choice but I would recommend a zoom lens and choosing among a prime lens (for portrait photography) and telephoto lens (for wildlife photography). You would end up shooting 90% from your zoom lens with amazing results.
3. Carry a backup device –
Carrying a laptop or netbook can prove bulky but it is highly advisable to do so. Firstly, because it would help you have a backup of photographs and secondly because it would be great to review your images post dinner. This way you can plan to re-visit a location just in case you are not happy with the photograph or just want to be there again and shoot in different light setting. You can always leave it back in your room but I would recommend carrying it along if you can.
4. Don’t leave your tripod home –
There are endless possibilities to encounter when you are out of home to a place you always wanted to be. Capturing the breath-taking sunset or staying up under the stars while camping should be documented with the help of a steady tri-pod. Painting a photograph under the dim light could possibly the best ever experience.
5. International plug adaptor –
Your batteries need to stay alive throughout. So when you are travelling abroad, make sure you keep one of these to save yourself from regret
Pack it up all keeping these points in mind and you are ready to go!