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New Year – Looking Back ! {2011}

Freedom Travel- Megha Jain Photography-Delhi-Sunflare Arthouse
New Year is weirdly the time when you look back …look back to see what major decisions you took this year …
what decisions made you what you are today.. ! And in between that, even look back on how things would have been if you hadn’t taken that decision…I have known people cursing the year, and with personal experience I believe the reason is because we regret the decisions we took….
On the other hand, the ones bidding a happy goodbye to the year are the ones who are glad they took all those decisions that made them what they are today !Look back at the biggest decisions you took this year..and imagine how life would have been right now.. ! What’s on your mind as you read my blog here..Just for a while.. imagine yourself for not having taken that decision ..!

Smile if you feel happy about it.. Change it right now if you don’t !

Seriously, it is your life..!
and you can always chose the way you want it… 🙂

P.s. I am getting adicted to the blog now !
Had an amazing dinner and late tea-party with family.
Now, its time to Dance !
The last day of the year has been amazing ..!
Besides i still have the hangover from the 135 kms I drove in heavy fog yesterday morning.. ! (and with the chilled air on face with tears rolling down with freezing cold !)

Yet another great year.. !

Keeping the laptop aside now… time to read a new novel..and then would open the (much awaited) Diary gifted to me by my bestiiieeeeee !!! eeeeeeeeeeeee ! 😀

The only reason I’ve been waiting for 1st Jan to come… !! Yay ! I am finally getting to write in the diary !! yey yay !!

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