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My Wishlist For Santa

My Wishlist For Santa1

The Year of 2015 have been extremely kind to me.. I asked for specific things to kick start in life …. and well, they all took their own time & surprised me when they happened.

There are a zillion things I have gratitude for this year. Of all the things, this year I wanted to explore more and more books while keeping the work tab in check. And I am thankful for all the support from family and friends to keep it going.

The best part for Christmas has already happened in December with #GiftABook where I received 10 books from my Secret Santa(s) from all over the world. (I am still expecting more and can’t wait for it!)

But since I still have time before the year ends and pretend that Santa might be getting around being a tad bit late…. I have my little list ready. I have my list divided in two sections, one that Santa might have some difficulties with and the other half that Santa can simply leave under the tree.

My wishlist for Santa:

1.) Healthy state of mind, body & soul so I have the energies to spread more smiles…

2.) Good books on my shelf to reach a mark of 500 in 2016

3.) A ‘not-so-secret’ wish to come true soon.

4.) More smiles and less hatred.

5.) Less ego & better sense of driving on roads in my city.

also, the things I want Santa to drop under the Christmas Tree –

6.) A coffee maker – That doesn’t ask for cleaning.

7.) A bigger book-shelf.

8.) A couple of Canon L-series lenses.

9.) Every Monthly-box’s subscription for the rest of my life.

10.) A huge box of Nutties & Good-day Chunkies to keep me inspired to reach my targets.

That’s all. If you have any wishes from Santa, leave them in the comment section below. I’d like to know them and Santa might be reading my post just now, so you might get lucky too 😉

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