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My Idea of a Perfect College!

What makes it a fun college? A dream college that I wish to attend..!
1.       Firstly! Wear what-ever-the-hell you wish to! No one is supposed to stare at you no matter what you wear or what you do or how completely you make a mess of yourself.
2.       Have fun classes that involves some really nice interactive sessions which is conducted by faculty itself.
3.       Have sports! and Dance … and various other active societies working all the time of the year so that college is lively and it wants to make students attend college and not bunk into a stupid smoke point or a loser place !
4.       Allow people to eat in class (well I am sure everyone already does!) But I am talking about the superb dining experience here (well..only a dream! )
5.       An awesome two-three day outing once every month also a week long vacation after every traumatizing end semester exams all organised by the college !
6.       Strict marking with projects and in-detail notes of what is to be done. (I know it sounds.. WTF.. but it really is needed big time !)
7.       For heaven’s sake! Good faculty. I really appreciate the senior ones.. but please don’t get us those who have nothing to share with us but some lame made-up stories.

I’d rather want a well-educated fresh talent and someone who we can be friends with. And not someone who appreciates buttering loves to get stuff done by students and just smile like a dumbass when he doesn’t know the answers to our questions. Not to forget.. they must have a personality of their own!

8.       Aah! The air conditioners in all rooms!
9.       A nice campus area…To sit around and hang when the weather gets just right to be out.
10.   Faculty must speak the language we can atleast understand. No offences or biasness.. a little touch to the regional difference is understood, but you are a teacher. You too can put in the shoes of a student sometimes J
11.   This college I am dreaming about has a great parking space of its own! Do you know what that means? No, this is not some campus serving thousands of people at one time, half of which are making out in some corners. But a decent one. Thankyou very much.
12.   If the college has two shifts- then it must assure that at atleast an hour of class should be combined to improve efficiency, interaction, exchange of ideas and team building.
13.   Students must be provided with something out of the box and compelled to do something creative as a part of class activity! (May sound like school, but yes!)
14.   Good music must be played around (not distractive and not Doordarshan types too)! Not to forget… DJ o Saturday nights!
Last but not the least, Hygienic and super delicious food options! I can’t imagine a college without a canteen! A superb food court to mangta hai boss ! *huge grin*
If you’d like to add more point to it and think there can be more to make a college a perfect place, then put that down on the comment box below. Would love to know more about the possibilities 😀

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