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Book: Message in a Bottle

is the title to Nicholas Sparks’ book ..All I would say is .. Read the book.. its wonderful.
If true love stories are to be told.. they are the ones that would be found in this amazing author’s books.

Image courtesy : My sister and her Instagram love

One can just shut their eyes and pick up the book.. and be prepared for the journey ..
There were parts where you can guess where the story might be taking its course .. but just when you think you know it.. He would surprise you. Each little connects to something, character development is so perfect, that when you watch the movie that has been adapted by the novel, you would be amazed to see how your imagination was reflected into the moving stills… the blurred picture of your mind after reading the book would only come into reality, just like a beautiful dream coming true.

Every book you might pick would have hints of similarity  but it would never bore ( it never bored me atleast)
Rather, the beaches made the reading journey more like being on a beach holiday with your friend..

And yes, be prepared with a few tissues by the end of the novel, no matter what your heart is made up of, if you are the kind of person who can feel the characters coming to life (sometimes even relate to those characters – Which you might do a lot, since the writer truly does reflect the very common human nature, confusions, feelings all packed up in one) It would definitely make a few tear drops escape.

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