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Meeting Virat Kohli for Food Conversations

There is just something really pleasant about knowing  that someone shares the same love for food as much as you do. The fact that food does comfort to most of us especially since it has flavors from home is one reason we end up loving a place in particular.

Comfort food is a book that contains 80 easy-to-make-recipes which are not only simple to follow but are also accompanied by gorgeous photographs.

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The launch party of the book at Cafe Delhi Heights was great! Ofcourse, kids enjoyed it the most since the chief guest was Virat Kohli and looking at their excitement was genuinely the best thing about the evening!

virat kohli-4

The Authors – Michael Swamy & Mugdha Savkar have done a great work and the book has been published by OM BOOK INTERNATIONAL. I will soon be trying out recipes from the book and share a couple of recipes on the blog along with the review.

I have previously shared recipes for Detox Kitchen Bible and I can’t wait to explore more of this book!

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