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Maternity Session: Richa & Manik (Manchi 2.0) – Milk Bath

Some projects are so special that you wait for years to incorporate that with super special people! I have been seeing milk bath maternity- photoshoot photos floating all over Pinterest and needless to say I just had to do one of my very own… so two month back, we booked into a hotel, Richa (ARTiara) made the most wonderful floral head wreaths and with wish in the hearts that the couple is blessed with a baby girl this time, we put the Big Brother-to-be to sleep and very silently without disturbing him, came up with this!


P.s. To forever awesomest human being- Manik! You are the best brother-in-law ever! & To Baby Myrah, your mum has forever been my biggest inspiration and I am soo blessed to have you in my life!

Here is a link to their previous Maternity session that make the boho tent theme super hit amongst Arthouse lovers! :

Maternity Session : Manik & Richa (Manchi)

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