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Maternity Session : Neha & Mayank

Kanika, a friend from NIFT, introduced me to Neha who was expecting anytime soon. This was my first Maternity Session and I was so honored that these guys trusted me with their memories with something soo special in life.

I remember exactly how nervous I was that day, the weather was changing drastically and I was never too sure about anyone except for the couple to be a part of the shoot, but truth be told, Kanika, Kunal and Vrinda truly made it the success that this shoot was. And this will for my life will stay as the most challenging and versatile shoot!

I still look back at it and can’t imagine it possible without the support and help from everyone who was there. Every bit of it was a learning experience and every detail of the day has made me grow both mentally and emotionally in aspects of personal and professional life.

Neha, you guys are the clients I pray each day for.
Working with you was one of the dreams come true!

Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-1Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-2Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-3Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-4Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-5Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-6Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-7Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-8Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-9Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-11Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-12Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-13Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-14Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-15Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-16Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-17Neha & Mayanl Maternity session-18

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