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Maternity Session : Megha & Gagan

It is such a fabulous feeling to share the deepest secrets and some fab and funniest adventures and mis-adventures of clients! It feels privileged to work with people! Loved meeting these two and capturing the memories..
They both remind me of someone dear to me who themselves are in the wonderful phase currently and it rejoices me to have spent time with them!

This is the first time during a maternity edit while I went aww and gasped. Just a connection that is un-explainable…

These two will make wonderful parents as a couple together and I can’t wait to meet the little one soon who will turn as awesome as they both are!

Megha&GaganM (1)Megha&GaganM (2)Megha&GaganM (3)Megha&GaganM (4)Megha&GaganM (5)Megha&GaganM (6)Megha&GaganM (7)Megha&GaganM (8)Megha&GaganM (9)Megha&GaganM (10)Megha&GaganM (11)Megha&GaganM (12)Megha&GaganM (13)Megha&GaganM (14)Megha&GaganM (15)Megha&GaganM (16)Megha&GaganM (17)Megha&GaganM (18)Megha&GaganM (19)Megha&GaganM (20)Megha&GaganM (21)Megha&GaganM (22)Megha&GaganM (23)

Oh! And they have been blessed with a Baby Boy as I post this!!!

Location courtesy: The Big Chill, Khan Market (Delhi)

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