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Maternity Session : Manik & Richa (Manchi)

This is a kind of shoot where I am both short of words and at the same time once I start, it will probably a long long essay filled with emotions. I’ll try to keep it simple. Manchi baby is here and will be celebrating his two month birthday on 25th December.

I’ve spent wonderful two weeks with him and now missing him majorly. Everything about the little wonder-man!

With a work trip for Manchi’s daddy, we did the shoot in the 7th month and we were all super excited to set up the tent even when the weather was not with us. It was a whole lot of adventure that we remember and laugh over.

The shoot was wrapped up in minutes as the drizzle turned into a downpour of cats and dogs! Oh! But we made just the right decisions not to wait for the rain to stop and keep shooting till we can, with umbrella and making sure mommy & baby were safe.

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A Little Photographer’s Tip: When given a chance to chose from a cheaper camera vs a Weather proof camera body, always always always choose the tuffer one! Not to forget a plastic bag at all times on top of investing in a good waterproof camera bag.

Also, there will be times where you have to make quick decisions, let that decision be in the hands of a more experienced one. You’ll feel blessed.

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