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Travel : Snapshot – L.O.V.E Forever ..

Love forever, Forever young couple, Naukuchiyatal, Travel stories (1)

Love is growing old together and to love each other no matter what .. !
Love is falling for the same person over and over again endless times ! ♥

I met this really cute and adorable couple at my recent vacation to the beautiful yet remote and quite place Naukuchiyatal

Sounds a lil new.. isn’t it .. ? Well this place is just an hour’s drive from Nainital and a 15 minute drive from Bhimtal.

Blessed with the beauty and the sereneness.. a quite yet untouched by the crazy holiday hungry population… this place has a beautiful lake with 9 Corners where one can sip the bliss of nature on an hour’s ride in beautiful Shiqara.

Here you go..
one of my favorite picture..

Love forever, Forever young couple, Naukuchiyatal, Travel stories (2)

I sometimes wonder how true love can heal the worst pains and how two people can love each other forever; through all the ups and downs in life.. be there and understand each other..
And how the two stand together holding hands as the storm passes by…

As I feel in love with this place .. I still can’t stop thinking how this lovely couple (Just the two of them on the holiday) were together.. with each other.. through the serene times at the resort and helping each other with luggage as they boarded their train back to home.
With ofcourse the cutest smile that accompanied on my way back to Delhi.

I am trying to track their email id to share these photographs. (lost them with phone’s data loss) – if anyone happens to know them, please help me connect.. 

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