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Kids: Rudr Pre-Birthday Cake Smash (One Year)

My favorite part of a child growing up is the joy they bring just by being themselves. Often you find them dancing or making a face just to make you laugh and I am so lucky to be blessed with so many wonder kids around me who bring so much joy to my life!

Curating a lil setup to make the mood just right for Rudr to dig right into his cake (which by-the-way is baby safe and made to order on the very last moment) was such an adventure for me.. to top it all, everyone in the family especially Rudr’s elder brother and cousins helped setting it all up which was the best part about the entire photo-shoot! We first did an entire shoot with the loved ones and then did a setup as Rudr took his diaper change break.. We only stopped when he had a good taste of the cake and was then ready for his afternoon nap…


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