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Travel : PhotoDiary – Binsar- Journey that Changes Life !

Well its strange how just one little moment can change our lives, how one person can make a difference in the world, how just a little memory of the treasured moment can bring back lost smiles and how a stranger can change the way we look at life. 

But then .. there are times when its not the people we have in life changes things or make us realize, sometimes it is nature that does the magic … Nature is one very powerful element !
Well if you have doubts about it then just look at the disasters it has caused.. or probably the damages that the 5 elements can make. It was just to remind you how powerful it is… Nature has a lot GOOD to do in lives aswell !
Nature has created some of the most beautiful things (humans ofcourse are there ! Refer : the person in your head right now ;))

Then there are places.. all the wonderful views, the animals, the flowers (can I even name everything ? NO!) The lives changes the moment a traveler reaches his/her destination !

Wherever you go for a holiday, it just doesn’t fail to mesmerize your soul in some way or the other .. .!
A little village – Binsar !
The place I celebrated my 18th Birthday !

About Binsar : Located in the Kumaon Himalayas at an elevation of 2412mt. (Well another blog post about it for sure ! )

Personal Note : I visited this beautiful place during the month of July (2008) ! And the weather was pleasant with the drizzles making the nights beautiful and the mornings blissful ! 
The morning village and river trek and various other sight seeing facilities by our resort only made the experience worth remembering for a lifetime ! 

I’d let the pictures to the rest of the talking..since what I felt at this place can’t be explained in words (Not now !Maybe when I visit this place after practicing to really know what to write that goes exactly in head) – Coz some things are simply magical.. and words take just about forever to be phrased to share such an experience !

The photographs have been captured by (the very famous! – Nokia 6600) and HTC, also Nokia (some music edition phone) and have been shot by 4 people…

Stay tuned to the Blog ! Someday I am sure i’ll be able to share the entire experience.. till then… Enjoy the bliss of the heaven 🙂

Binsar For Blog-3

Crossing the river with a human chain was fun !


Binsar For Blog-1

Just one of the many blissful scene that make you stop the car before you reach the destination !


Binsar For Blog-19

Binsar For Blog-2

Binsar For Blog-24

The little area to just sit by.. even more blissful as it drizzles for the rest of the day

Binsar For Blog-27

The simple wood sitting areas gave ample room to view the beautiful hills that surrounded the entire resort.

Binsar For Blog-26

This was our little place ! Divided into two section.. one occupied by us and the other by friends. One little happy home ! 🙂

Binsar For Blog-6Binsar For Blog-7

Binsar For Blog-8

The eyes could never miss the sight of the sky as it changed its moods !

Binsar For Blog-28

A little trek in the Sanctuary.. Made to preserve the wildlife. At zero point

Binsar For Blog-27

Binsar For Blog-33

Well this little locket has twin stories to tell.. It had two ring bands on it.. with a Feather that I found in the village temple. (Would share the pictures of the temple soon – with one thing that amazed me the most – BIG NOSE RINGS ! ) Beauty !

Binsar For Blog-37

Well this was supposed to be the first picture here ! But anyways.. this is the way towards the room from the reception area 🙂

Binsar For Blog-38

Binsar For Blog-4

A little rest at the hill top after the rock climbing !

Binsar For Blog-20Binsar For Blog-21Binsar For Blog-22Binsar For Blog-23Binsar For Blog-25Binsar For Blog-29Binsar For Blog-30Binsar For Blog-32Binsar For Blog-34Binsar For Blog-35Binsar For Blog-41Binsar For Blog-42

Binsar For Blog-40

Maa paa’s room ! Me and my sister used to crash on it the moment we were back from the adventure

Binsar For Blog-9

This is my fav ! View from the room.. A litle sitting area made from rocks and then the big black swing made from wood ! Awesomeness

Binsar For Blog-43Binsar For Blog-44Binsar For Blog-45Binsar For Blog-46

Binsar For Blog-12

And THE Daddy who loves talking to the locals.. ! This man was really interesting ! Always waved at our car passed through his house/store for the day’s outing or activity ! The day we were leavening.. We paid him a little visit ! One of the friendliest locals ever ! p.s. Don’t miss our dear Driver Bhiya’s smile ! 😉

Binsar For Blog-47

After a good trek ! Me, Richa and Shaira 🙂

Binsar For Blog-5

Daddy and his camera ! would reach the top first ! would shoot the pictures first ! Would look into your eyes to warn to stand carefully ! And look ! He is the one standing on the edge ! P.s. His office desk is full of the pictures he took from his slr he got in college days from this Trip !

Binsar For Blog-36

yep .. Sunsets ofcourse !

Binsar For Blog-13

Nainitaal ! And the umbrella shopping as it rained throughout ! BLISS !

P.s. ! Thankyou for being a part of the blog ! The place we stayed was The Club Mahindra Resort .. And as always .. the stay with them is the friendliest and the finest experiences with the amazing Food served by the Bird Song Restaurant in the Resort Premises.. ! Also ! Since it was a very special event of turning 18, my chachu – Dad’s best friend ordered for a delightful eggless cake which till date has been the delicious most !

I can’t do anything to relive those wonder moments and the love of nature that was showered in those days and those beautiful roads surrounded by the clouds and mist as it rained.. But I sure can share some of these pictures just so you know a little about a place that gave birth to some of the finest writers too. I believe beauty and love can actually inspire a person to become a writer ! me ? I guess I need a few adventure and relaxing holidays like these to put my head at the right place 😛

Adventurous ? oh ! How I missed this ? Yeah – The resort had this amazing Activity Desk (mom did her painting) – and we had our dose of mountaineering fun too ! 😀

There is just soo much ! But I’ll just end with a promise that I will visit this little heaven once again for sure ..and post the old pictures too and ofcourse.. ! Shoot the new ones from the BABY LOVE !

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