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I love shopping online! Especially in summers since I hate being out during the day hours. Also, there are definitely more reasons why I love online shopping and you can read all about it here.

There was a massive struggle for months together to get the right wallet. I am the person who changes bags like crazy.

Each for:  a day out with friends, a night out with family, a casual market strolling, a bag for mini sessions and a bag for wedding shoot.

With that, the only constant is my wallet, hence it became extremely essential to find the right one. So I simply typed into my browser & started off with the hunt.

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I found some really cool options in high quality in the price range of 500-999 at Jabong. The options had to be narrowed down on the basis of:

  1. Highest quality zipper
  2. Perfect space for cards and notes + inner zip for coin
  3. The right size, not those extra-large bags
  4. Has to go with any kind of look.
  5. Not flashy, too girly or too boring.




The best thing was that Jabong provided detailed photographs of all the products they have. Even a photograph of hand holding the product, gave me the exact idea of the size. And after making sure I had my specifications marked on the filters, I finalized a gorgeous Pink Floral Watercolour wallet by ToniQ.

Oh! And I simply couldn’t stop myself from ordering a gorgeous ring that I spotted while taking the website tour. have thousands of products listed in each category for all kinds of budgets & styles, so you can practically end up browsing for hours unless you know what you want and you filter it out with their smart filters.


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What I loved the most:

  • Excellent and highly smooth website design!
  • Perfect packaging
  • Filters work best as compared to many other online portals. It highly customizes the search from thousands of products they offer.
  • Detailed photographs & Video (I can’t stop talking about this!)

What I don’t like:

  • You can only use one discount benefit at a time (which includes any offers that applied without using a code).
  • Shipping prices may be a little higher than other websites.

You can be absolutely confident with the high details of photographs, product details and video for most of the clothes. Tell the website your exact budget, size, color preference, (even sleeve styles) and you will get what you want in no time!

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I can’t imagine how fantastic it is for summer shopping. Plus the return policy is super cool for people new in online shopping game.

Still got any questions? Drop in your msg at comment section below.

I found a gorgeous wallet on my trip to Mumbai 4 years back. And that was my companion through it all untill the lace started coming off and the wallet could no longer be put together. I have been searching for the right wallet for literally over a year. Hence when it came to test the possibilities what the website could provide, this had to be the biggest challenge. 

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