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Health & Well-being : Flexipass

We all have enough excuses not to hit the gym. I for once have convinced myself that my Garmin Vivofit & love for dance will keep it going for me (which it does work most of the days). However, with hectic schedules, long working hours and even longer routes to workplace, health usually takes a major backseat. Add a newly born baby for a working mom, oh well, then we have the world crashing down infront of our eyes!
In India, where we are still struggling to keep up with household chores, managing it all, working and making sure baby gets the right attention – results in travelling insanely. And between hopping from one place to other, it gets really hard to lose those extra kgs one puts up during pregnancy. Joining one gym simply gets a miss since you are unexpectedly travelling a lot.

Here is where I’d like to introduce you to Flexipass. It is one place for all services and advice related to Body, Mind and Soul. Through this platform customers get access to a variety of fitness activities (gym, dance, yoga etc) across various fitness centers through single payment/ subscription. The way this model works is- that registered Fitness centers who have vacant/ unused slots are made available for FlexiPass subscribers. The aim is to create a disruption in fitness space by removing gaps in utilization and easing access to fitness using technology.

If it all can work with such a complicated schedule, it sure can work between hopping between home & workplace. So for all youngsters, men & women-

Here are the questions that will answer any questions you have to help you chose Flexipass as your new pal.


1. Does the person signing up the subscription has access to all the gyms listed? i.e Can they walk into any of the gyms anywhere ( like office is in Saket & home is in Gurgaon – and the person can make final choice to go visit whichever listed gym)

– People can walk into any gym of their choice from the listed fitness centers.

2. Does the subscriber need prior appointment every time they chose another listed gym? Or they can simply walk in with the proof of subscription.

– Website has booking feature where-in they can book their slot then and there. So basically you can apply for a session and visit the gym of your choice.

3. The payment terms are monthly or weekly? Or you have special plans ?

– Payment terms are monthly INR 999/- . It is a win-win or early bird registrations since they are providing 5 trial classes for free.

4. What is the future of this? Are they planning on collaborating with more gyms in coming months?

– Yes. The website is in the process of increasing their list, and you can have more additions to the existing list. Just to add, it is not only gyms, but also, variety of other fitness centers including zumba, yoga, meditation etc are also in process.

5. Are there any more services to be expected?
– If gymming is not your preference, the website still has listed Zumba classes, Yoga sessions near your place and are working towards bringing more health options on board.

So, here we have it. You can visit the website and register yourself easily.

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