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Happy Hands Foundation : Art , Clean, Aware, Support, Cause

The idea behind Happy Hands Foundation’s project – Trash Bash was simple : The Hauz Khas Village monument is most frequented during winters – and then one afternoon, we saw something which disturbed us immensely.

People ate, people drank, people smoked – and let the monument keep memorabilia of their indulgence – in bulk!

We decided to clean up, but we also decided to indicate what the monument really looked like when people left.

I had an opportunity of not only documenting the process but also become a part of this. Some people knowing what we were doing, purposefully threw the wrappers right in front and laughed. I hope they see this someday and know that we didn’t stop there.

Small initiatives like this have been happening from years and now youngsters are better aware with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep the trash in your bg/car and throw it in dustbin at once you reach home/office. Tiny efforts will go a long way.

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