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Gift a Book: Secret Santa

Just in time of the gifting season. With chill in the air and world in full mood to celebrate and gift, comes the new exciting idea that took over the internet by storm.

MERRY December is witnessing a fabulous idea of book exchange. Truth be told, it doesn’t even take much efforts!

All you have to do is Gift a Book and you get 36 in return.

This is How it works: 

  1. Post this Status on your Social Media (Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) -” Gift a Book: I need 6 people of any age to participate in a book exchange! You only have to buy ONE book and send it to one person and you’ll receive 36 in return! Comment if you’re interested and I will inbox you the information.”
  2. Once someone contacts you, send this msg to them :  “So since you signed up for the Book gift-exchange this is how it goes Step 1: So basically, you need to send one book to the person below. I am giving their name, age, gender and address… All you need to do is keep those in mind and select a book and send it to the person. Step 2: Copy and paste my status on your wall. Then, when six people say Yes, give them my address, name and age. Whoever says yes, will forward your name and age and address to the six people they select. This way, complete strangers, send you at least 6 books. NOW, Rules. 1. Please order and send the books in a week or so. 2. If you can’t let me know. 3. DO NOT break the chain.”
  3. Share the address of the person person who’s status you followed & below that share your own address (Your address will be shared by them to their friends.)

Doubts :

Question 1: How you get 36 books?

Answer 1: You just have to send one book to adress shared with you by the person on who’s status you have commented. (They will share their own address which you have to give to anyone who comments on your status- along with your own.)
Then you will post the status to your profiile. Once someone contacts you – share their address along with your address that they will share with 6 of their friends. That makes it 36 people who recieve your address.
A chain is formed where your address is shared with 36 people, who in return send you a book.

Question 2: What if less than or more than 6 people comment or show interest?

Answer 2: You still go ahead with it! (I received a book from anonymous source within 24 hours of posting the status. I found the address on the bill and started a new chain of 6 with that address as a thankyou – so that person will probably receive book for 6 more sources. Since I crossed six people, I could start a new chain with a new address.) Plus the fact that my address is circulated even more now.

Question 3: Sharing my address is safe?

Answer 3: I am making sure that only my friend and family are a part of it. (which I believe is the same that they are doing). I got a few requests from random people without a Profile Photo or without a solid profile on Facebook who wanted to be a part of it, but I turned it down for the privacy of my friends and my own.

Question 4: How do I pay for the book?

Answer 4: Either place an order directly online and pay or order it your place via COD. Then you can personally courier it to someone.

Question 5: How do I know if the other person will enjoy my book?

Answer 5: The reason why Name, Age and Gender is requested for is to guess the book someone will like. If you need help with books you can visit the below link. It is a curation of Books in trend on Amazon.


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