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Gaur Pooja : Tel Baan & Haldi : Richa & Manik Wedding

If you ever want to truly experience the emotional wave overpowering everyone in a particular time of the wedding.. I’d ask people to be a part of the morning rituals on the day of the wedding…And that has been applicable for all the weddings I have been ever to. No matter what culture or religion base the families are, the moments when everyone in the family get together is nothing short of magic!

This particular Jain wedding has rituals that starts from Tel Baan & Haldi is followed by a small pooja in temple. There is another ceremony called Gaur Pooja where all the elders in the family give their blessings to the bride and Mama Mami adorn her with silver jewelry to complete the Shingaar. This is followed by Thappa (where the bride leaves her hand’s print on her home’s entrance) after which she leaves home to now get ready for wedding.

Since this is my real sister’s wedding, I too was in tears while shooting this. You may be able to see a moment where I am at eye level with her as she wipes her tears which is followed with next photograph where she smiles.

This is the last post from Richa & Manik’s wedding. Over the past few months whenever I have tried to edit this particular folder of photographs, I have gone too emotional to continue. One reason why this post came up at the end of all the others is because it happened all over again.

This is it… the moments- Gaur Pujan- Where the bride is adorned with silver jewelry and is blessed by the elders of house.. And everyone had tears just the moment she wore her nose ring. That moment, the moment that made us all realize she is the bride, getting married tonight .
I can’t say of anyone else..or about anything else throughout the pre-wedding moments.. the toe finger rings, anklets, bangle, and endless other things… for me, just this nose ring brought all the tears ..

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of useful information with us. You explain each and everything very clearly with graphics. Thank you and keep sharing.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of useful information with us. You explain each and everything very clearly. Thank you and keep sharing.

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