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Food : Ambrosia Bliss

Connaught Place, since my early childhood has been the place that I have listed as my favorite places to be with family. During high school it became refuge & by the time I passed college, it was my second home – and still is!

Over the period of time, Connaught Place saw opening up of various new International eating chains (maximum were the first ones to be opened in CP). Most chains gained popularity among youngsters & spread across Delhi & NCR, the popularity & demand often lead them to open in literally every block. These are now co-existing along with the restaurants in CP that saw times before independence & hence have their loyal customers from those times along with new.

Amongst all these, are some fine-dines that are making a mark as great family restaurants serving the best there is. With an extended menu that includes a range of Indian & International soups, salads, platters, snacks, main-course & desserts; Ambrosia Bliss has come with promising experience so far, and hence is here to stay.

The drinks are equally great & each one has a flavor that stands out.  Here is the picture journey into my dining experience.

Ambrosia Bliss July

Twist @ Bliss – Orange chunks, cranberry, strawberry, a punch of lime & more..

Ambrosia Bliss July

So called apple – With cucumber & apples in soda.

Ambrosia Bliss July

Beetle Bliss – This is made in Vodka, however, Ambrosia bliss is known for customizing & experimenting with drinks. Hence this was made without vodka. Still managed to be so awesome – this was our favorite!

Ambrosia Bliss July

Berry smoothie

Ambrosia Bliss July

Dimsums heaven!

Tibetan Vegetarian momos were classic & fantastic to say the least.

Spinach & water chestnut dim-sums were done to perfection & I loved every bite into it.

Oh! And my favorite: Crunchy five – The filling consists of five veggies along with roasted peanuts and were the kind that I usually keep in the end to keep the great taste going!

Ambrosia Bliss July

Vegetarian platter consists of:

Mushroom galouti with kesari puffs are chef’s speciality and are simply unique in flavour. Love the kesar flavour alongside of mushroom.

Hara Kebab was nice & crunchy.

Pakhtuni paneer tikka is a three layered paneer that comes with a surprise in every bite. I however felt panner tikka wasn’t as crisy as a classic paneer tikka goes.

Dahi kebabs are regular and recommended for it’s lovers. The taste was classic dahi kebab, but truth be told, after the cheese rolls & mushroom galouti, I was expecting a hidden pop of flavour. Anyhow, I loved it


Ambrosia Bliss July

Philadelphia cheese rolls were melt in mouth cheese rolls with hints of carrots, scallions & chilly. These are my favorite on their menu served with chilly sauce. It is a bomb of cheese in mouth for perfect indulgence.

Ambrosia Bliss July

Tamarind Tofu Cups – Crispy peanuts, fried tofu topped with tamarind paste topping was a little delight.

Ambrosia Bliss July
I tried their Masaman curry with rice – Perfectly infused with herbs, the curry along with vegetables were cooked to perfection with just the right thickness to be served with rice. I could literally feel the texture of each veggie in mouth which to put in simple words, was fantastic.

Ambrosia Bliss July

Bannoffee Pie – Sinfully delicious!

Ambrosia Bliss July


Ambrosia Bliss July

Wine Display & Book Nook


What : Ambrosia Bliss

Where: L 51 to 54, 2nd Floor, Outer Circle Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001

How: Fantastic!

Rating: 4/5

What to try: Beetle Bliss, Crunchy Five Dimsum, Philadelphia cheese rolls, Masaman curry with Rice & dessert of your choice.

The only reason why I am not giving it a full five star is coz I was too full with the fabulous drinks & snacks to try out their pizzas, pasta & lasagna..and wait! Burgers too! As I have mentioned earlier, Ambrosia Bliss is a bliss for all ages & taste buds which makes it a perfect family place. Their lounge is great for live performances & has private dining area for small gatherings. 

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  • Latika Sabharwal

    I completely agree with your review. I have been there manh times, my favourite sections are where all the books are placed and the corner most table from where i can see the view of cp. Twist @bliss is worth a try and also the mixed sauce pasta

  • I still haven’t tried pizza & pastas there, but I will be visiting soon for it… and dumplings! There were sheer bliss!

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