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Favorites : September 2016

I won’t be singing – Wake Me Up When September ends coz I had one of the most amazing months!

Books, BYOB Meetup, food, exploring more of my city on foot and a fabulous wedding month…

Kick starting the month- was reading The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. This author has been my fav since early college days and remain to date! The way he writes open up your mind to a whole different imagination – realistic and not all fantasy. Chances are, you’ll be crying as you turn the pages.

Veggies and proteins tossed up on a non-stick pan and you are good to go!

Places right out of a Dream!

Playing around with new pens hauled from the Book & Stationary Fair at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

Some fun moments from BYOB- Cursed Child meetup at Cha Bar, Oxford BookStore.

A week after two read the book and cringed over it and seriously – That baby?

Expressions captured on the meetup..

Hello Fairyland!

A quick little walk around Chandani Chowk to explore the foods that have charmed the city for years…

Out and about in Chandani chowk..

ALWAYS wanted to take a bridal portrait like this!

Andddd this! Lucky to have these two wonderful women all in for some fun!

Perfect favours for Bridesmaids from Zariin…

Around the city again.. Delhi has so much to offer, you can never really get bored!

Fun finds in the tiny shops around the busy streets..

Loving the whimsical designs from the fabulous design students..  Shot for Sugandha’s design collection – Pearl Academy

This movie is super special especially since we all cousins sat down and had the time of our lives watching it! – Hasi to Phasi.

Photo via POPxo

Quick pop loves!

Fav photos! My tiny treasure trove…

Intentional Smile: A Girl’s Guide to Positive Living – A perfect way to get through my July-August hangover is with happy thoughts from mind, body and soul. This book is just a great way to re-new the energies with the mid-year over and year end on the way. I made a healthy bowl of salad to accompany me while I read through this book. 3/5 stars for this one!

Fresh flowers on my table!

Walking into the world of stationary heaven with – Sita Ram Stationary at Lajpat Nagar.

Tried my hand at Desi Macaroni and loved every bit of it… A good break after being bored with both Punjabi-pasta and traditional pastas!

Belgian Chocolate mini ice-cream bucket from Giani’s … Perfect when you do indeed need to sit with your personal servings of love.

Soothing tea times….yet again in the middle of nowhere in the chaos of the city!

From the 365 Diary from CCD gifted by a friend so I keep writing… And after all the years I took it out and painted in my fav pages (even with terrible language) – which I still am not as good at!

Loving the blast of flavors at Raw Creams!

The fab Mushroom Khari at Soda Bottle Opener Wala is pure love of cheese, mushroom and crispy puff with explosion of flavors!

Loving all things crispy, hot & cheesy with the slight feel of cool breeze in air early morning..

Experimenting with statement jewels on shoot with Guilty Bytes for Bridal Asia!

I just noticed the Frozen payama, guess I am going to steal it next time I visit the Malhotra’s residence…

This night time with stories illustration is simply too cute not to share here!

Still love the details captured on this special day!

Feeling Pinteresty at Long Champ – Taj Mansigh Hotel

Exploring city – Chai wala that serves bun-maska with chai… This one gem is away from Janpath’s flea market fiasco! Though this spot has it’s own regular visitors that makes the wait a lil longer before you get to sit by the footpath and enjoy the chai.

Shooting with Imageshastra
4am something & our work mode is on at the wedding
With coolest bunch of lighting ninjas and dapper men.
#wildoneskishaadi Pankaj & Kanika (Sanskriti Farms, Chattarpur)

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