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Favorites : October 2016

October -November has been tricky on emotional note, so excuse me for skipping the overall note for these months.

Here are just snippets from living a day at a time…

Finding wonderful heritage spots…

Music and just the breeze… stopping time with a world of its own..

Finding a perfect lil Arthouse

Sam’s Pit : One of the best veggie lasagna in recent time… Made to perfection with crisp veggies between lasagna sheets and bursting with flavors. Highly recommended! Also, their in-house fresh salsa is simply wohow!

That is 90% me on most days..

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahren : I love some parts of the book, though didn’t fell in love with the story much. Definitely not a re-read but most lines are worth being written down as Life-mantra! Massively mixed review that was, right?

Concept shoots takes you places!

Somedays you gotta pull those strings right up no matter if it is the 1st, 2nd or last day of period or no matter how bad the cramps are #LikeAGirl I see so many girls chosing to stay home, making excuses not do something, skipping things…as if we already don’t have society stopping us.. don’t let this be another excuse… #PhotographerLife #MemoryMaker #StoryTeller

Behind the scenes from Shoot series for Navishka Jewels. Post coming up soon.

Speaking about successful blogging and most importantly, sharing how and why this wonderful journey was started into blogging! I shared wonderful time with the people here and was honored to know how the journey for My Yellow Plate started for Himanshu Shegal. We all need a space to express ourselves and share the wonderful things life has to offer and what better way than a personal blog.

In between the shooting schedule is a day for attending weddings! Chaddha da Vyah with my people!

Salad in a jar. On repeat at Odeon Social, Connaught Place.

L’opera , Khan Market. Loved the coffee, the desserts however were crazy heavy! Loved em nevertheless!

When all that people contact you for is to know if there has been the news. Wait for it, the due date is still not here!

Love Grows Here! Loved all the elements put together by ARTiara for Manchi’s Maternity Shoot.

Painting colorful mountains as we wait for miracles to happen day and night!

We are calling it a night!

Essentials bag ready for hospital with a tiny little note for all details and instructions! Loved the idea!

Here he comes, our lil miracle baby filling our lives with more love and everyday surprises!

We got the celebrations and nights and hospital covered with Donuts treat!

The watercolor love taking over me for the day…

This one is the first from among many others.. appy pappy how it turned out…

Quick meals. Just how a cozy dinner looks like!

The best soup ever!

Momos in three styles! Loves the platter serving. Head to Majnu Ka Tila on Wednesdays if you are a Vegetarian to get an assured meal that is 100% vegetarian!

Also, following it all up with wonderful coffee and some conversations and talk about books!

Love this girl! She is all things awesome – Books, thoughts, life, music, desserts, letters – Just to name a few…


Behind the Scenes from the beautiful shoot .. Post up soon!

I need food to live really. For work, to feel good and just to keep me some company in general! Raise your hand up if you are like that too!

Fantastic mid-night scenes in Delhi!

Bug buddy and color blast and new calligraphy pens! I got mine : Link

Hooked on to the song…Obsessed clearly!

That was last night… the following morning we ended up at a stationary !

And got these wonderful pretty little things… I am in love with the Travel-diary!

Reading Nicholas Sparks yet again.. I’ve watched this movie earlier and now reading it, it only has gotten better !

The Last Song 

Yumm! Palak patta chaat and perfect cold coffee post meeting a fabulous couple early morning. Gotta do this again..!

Buying Local from the Local Artists! Always makes me happier than buying from anywhere else…!

Chai time at the Mysore cafe..

Words to live by.. Some things are better that way.

Set for 2017 already with my wonderful planner !


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