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Favorites : November 2016

I’ll just start November with my most favorite photo of Manchi and his Nani!

Skating! Been 11 years or probably more since the last time these were out of cupboard in our room as kids. The air has cleared today, definitely happening more frequently now with winters..


Illustration love!


When on a walk… Walked 5km just like that..Winters is my fav time!

Finding little places where you get meals better than the fancy cafes. Sadly, too many places popping up in Delhi with barely any good food to serve…

We;ll start off with desserts…Just coz we want to!

A quick work day, Chaayos in Connaught Place is a decent spot for small meals and just some time to work through the ideas…

Barista, because Kesar Cappuccino will be my love, forever!

The added perks are – The fabulous doodled mug!

Back into reading with this one.. started with a few pages and loved the simple flow of the book…

A Thousand Times Over : The book is a wonderful experience in itself, keeps the reader turning the pages untill the end. However, keep in mind that this book is a fiction. Recommended for light reading while traveling.

Perfect coffee and cheesecakes! A blissful heart to heart conversation takes two…this place will always be special for the fabulous coffee and all the conversations I’ve had this year!

Musing with my bag from 3 Mad Chicks. Loving it all! Also, I am skipping on books and choosing to read a friend’s personal journal around this time. Any personal blogs you guys would recommend to read? Just want to read some stories, memories and thoughts from strangers…

Grand Piano – Yes Please! The music inside of you that is always there like a heartbeat.. just the tune that stays even when there is nothing else…

Well, all details are in the photo itself.

Everything about this photo is so personal, so me and everything I’ve ever really wanted this year..


Coffee tasting sessions, Yes Please! Wasn’t a fan of the cold brew, will be trying the hot tasting option on next visit to Blue Tokai Cafe.

Loved the food ! This place lived up to the name and everything I’ve read about it!

Now showing : Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. Yay!

Newt Scamander and the mating dance! Yes yes yes!

There goes the new 2000 note… well for all things awesome i.e. Food!

Taking back home the 4700 BC popcorn. Love them!

Mood board set up with prints from over the years.. It must be atleast 7 years of prints here and there… Also, twinning a happy mug with a close friend and sharing happy meals and hot drinks in it…I love the idea of sharing a similar something with my people!

Hello Baby Manchi … I love you!

And with the month ending, I did chuck them off. To make space for new shoes and to stop wearing them literally everywhere!

Need to go back for this freshest salad ever!

Talking about favorites, mine has to be Olive Bar & Kitchen for the food and ambiance. Discovered this first time a couple of years ago with Ankush and to date this is my favorite place in Delhi. Especially in a weather like this. The bonus is that the coffee here is actually pretty decent!




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