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Favorites : May 2016

The month of May has been most exciting since this year we planned to take a trip down south to Karnataka (instead of a being in the laps of Himalayas – trust me – I suffered withdrawls the entire time! I do feel incomplete somewhere) but any ways… the trip itself was a major change and I loved every bit of it. I look back at this post and see that I have included the photographs from our phones throught the trip which makes Favorites post from May entirely dedicated to the trip. Which also means, a Travelogue post is due !




Makes for a perfect day!


Finding little nooks with the best caramel cupcake frosting! This little place just got fancier – The Old Town Cafe, Shahpur Jat (Delhi, India)


The Wishing Chair is a wonderful little nook… I loved it the first time I entered the space a couple of years ago.

It was the first time I tried food at The Mad Tea Pot… Visual bliss, unfortunately, that’s an end right there.


Wedding Diaries: 4am something… Under the stars and the moon…with the loved ones …



 Travel essentials! Holidays in mountains can’t get better than this!


Holding myself tight as I brace myself for the first Neil Gaiman book… and well, it was heart breaking!


A happy news of a new born! Congratulations to Megha & Gagan for being blessef with an adorable Baby Boy!


Soda Bottle Opener Wala it is.. Look up the ceiling for a toy train and  don’t miss out anything that has mushroom here! Also, you need to try out the lunch dabba. I particularly love the desi-salad!


Breakfast essential for the entire trip! Freshest Naariyal Paani! What we get in Delhi is..well..not the same!


Gajras…fresh from the roadside vendors.


Coffee Beans right from the source and freshly roasted. Absolute bliss my friend.


Dad got the real shot yet again! There is much more interesting story to this than it is in the picture. ore about it in a separate post!


7 activities took a total of two hours with pain all over the body… I can swear I felt my nerves pumping right out after the completion of this entire session and was sweating head to toe.. Has to be one of the best so far.. Will go for a more challenging adventure set of activities next time. Pushing it harder…And as usual on the way of signing more of these.


Anyone remember these? Hand wash soap strips are a staple. Trust me, that hand sanitizer doesn’t work as good as soap and water.


Current State – Off the road, Into the wild, under a tree with a view of Hill top we were meant to be…



Chasing dandelions and thoughts make for a perfect holiday! There is always a sense of satisfaction when you complete something… A page you were writing on, a book you were reading, a place you traveled or a project you were working on.,,



Found a little cafe near our resort.. Love the place decor and the food…


Door details.. ART Dated back to 1963



Starting early for Shravanbelgola – Bahubali-ji ! The first rays are yet to hit the mountain we are climbing on.


Used to make these sitting in temple as a child. Re-living the times now…


Found my companion for the road trip! Loving this hat!


Since we are spending major tume on road and ttall exhausted with all things we are doing…Here is when we switch roles… MAA!

To all the times I have wanted nothing but to lie down and sleep on your lap..


No spoons happening here! This makes me crave for Sambar Chawal right now.. Anyone else here who loves to eat rice at home with hands?


The skies in Vrindavan Gardens makes me want to be a bird! Colours not photoshopped – just the perfect chill in the air by the Dam and the way the clouds danced!


Yes to coffee stains and the coffee itself. I don’t think I will ever get over coffee in this lifetime.


Dad took this photo while I sipped in the wonderful filter coffee. NO, this is not a pose. I really did enjoy my last coffee here this way!


P.s. Back to reality! A tiring flight meant the breakfast was toast. ARGH! The regular toast tasted stale. That’s what South Indian freshness does to you!


I’ll just dig into it… Every now and then Jamie’s Pizzeria comes up with a combo meal that lures me in food heaven. Although I have to admit that there are days when the food just doesn’t feel the same here.


That, my friend – Is my new inspiration to work!


Borrowing rings for a gooey brownie shot ! Talking about summer comforts…



My new absolute all time meal (which I think is healthy) is Baked Beans on toast. Comfort food! I like to keep tossed veggies on side so atleast a bit of me does do healthy to myself! This one is from early mornings at Lodi Garden.

Baked beans on toast make up for the best breakfast scenes! *sigh*


I’ll let you in on a lil secret of this couple shoot! HEMA & SANJAY These two have been married for 15 years and blessed with two adorable kids


All that I wish for now is a view of mountains from my window… Room gaols – always will be proud of my nook!

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