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Favorites : March 2016

March has been the month of bag full of sunshine… with visits around the city, painting, weddings, writing letters, travelling, shoot and more shoot … Also a remarkable month personally since I vowed to explore more in life!

Picking up my favorites from The British Council Library, Connaught Place with Mansi.


Talking for hours with the right cup of coffee and mini meals at Caara Cafe at British Council. One of the most special days in my life. I have to say this since I made pretty big decisions on this day and I will forever be grateful to have found a friend like Mansi. More about her someday… How we met and how our friendship has grown over the time is worth sharing.


Lebanese spread post shoot at Zizo. Here this the shoot with did on this day.


Favorites from the maternity session of Neha & Sanjeev. These two are blessed with baby girl! Just what they wanted! yay! Oh and their love story is straight out of Romance Novel.


Elegant finds in the crowd of over the top heavy jewelry sets. Loved the simplicity. Spotted at a wedding.


Mom is a collector of wonderful bangles. This was from one of the emporiums at Baba Khadak Singh Marg, Connaught Place. Has to be over 25 years old. I love it and will be holding on to these forever.


Some books catch the attention with the title and spectacular cover design!

“True power  lies not at the point of a sword, but in the tip of a pen”

River Of Ink


Ink spatters continues as the book casts it’s magic over me…


When ARTiara’s fairy is all set to wrap up for wedding presents – this is the outcome.
Lucknow wedding candids


Here goes the snail mail. It was lucky chance that my letters reached the destination – torn though..but reached. Mine on the other hand was lost. Luckly for digital age, the photographs of the letter were taken before they were posted…hence I got my response. It wasn’t the same…but I believe the letter had it’s share of adventure just as we did.




Had my eye on this one since I was a child… even though it was impossible to take these off and my ears had a bad time for the next two weeks, it was fabulous feeling to finally wear these. The good thing is, I now know how to get these on and take them off right.


Perks of having your sister over after marriage. She’ll make sure you are styled for the fashion shoot right. Also, a major influence has to be the fact that with Guilty Bytes, you gotta pick some extra pointers about fun dressing!


That’s a wrap – with Devina Malhotra Chaddha, Divya Malhotra Kaul and well- me!


Following up a shoot day with some time at MDI Gurgaon and heading to Dilli Hatt for a chit chat session with my fav cousin!


Surabhi Gupta


My water brush babies are here! As a child who hated to clean up mess and liked the idea of a an easy flow of whater to my brushes, this is like my very own invention coming to reality. Why not!


Starting a whole new adventure of buying a book from a local bookstore to the places I visit. At the New Delhi Railway Station – Chanakya in You by Rashakrishnan Pillai. Picked from N.C. Jain Bookstand.


The sky looked glorious and the world felt just the same way. Evening when we reached Mahavirji, Rajasthan.


Not only I had the darshan how I desired it- Peacefully and without the rush… But this aloo sabzi and kachodi- served super hot in early morning while waiting for the train to arrive is the best this ever! Confession- I am going back for this!

I will be sharing a post very soon with all the details of my trip (Pilgrimage) soon.


Back home, we gotta party with my people at Chillis. Just the beginning…



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