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Favorites : June 2016

June started with a rather hectic note than I had expected, yet every bit of it was totally worth it…

To start off, I got to meet and share the love of Comfort Food with none other than Virat Kohli


Loving the shoot day at Vivanta by Taj, Gurugram. My favorite movies of all time – Mr. Bean on Holiday !

In picture, is the elaborate bath with a gorgeous view (Scroll down just a lil bit) and the work bags for the day while shooting cocktail gowns and mehendi outfits ft. Gulity Bytes.


The bath! Has to be one of the best places in Delhi/NCR for a weekend gateway!

I am not kidding, this one really is fab for couples…


Turning scars into art! Back in May I tired to climb up a tree for a top shot and ended up with this.. the first art had to be pine tress from the mountains. I am clearly obsessed.


A day to break heart on purpose. The show was houseful and since me and Mansi just couldn’t miss any bit of it, we occupied the front row seat with the only two tickets left.


Making my day absolutely perfect! Cinnabon is ultimate love.

Bumble Bee!


One of the very best from Sarah J Mass! A Court of Thorns and Roses followed by most awaited release of the year A Court of Mist and Fury! Expect the unexpected and fall in love all over again…


Turning scars into art continues with living upto my PotterHead life.


It’s Not About You by Ratna :Weekday morning read… Story of a single mother and her teenage son. we all have been victims of bullying at some point in life.. not necessarily for long time or enough to leave us scarred, but we have been coping up with it every now and then. Love the flow of words and story… Highly recommended!


Tea teeee ttttt eeeee !

This little cafe has literally grown on me… It is now such an integral part of my life that you’ll soon be hearing stories around it from me… The Coffee is fantastic to start with…I’ll give the credits to the space and conversations held here..


Keep Eating Keep Losing- Weight Loss Secrets by Claudia Ciesla : Getting perfect dose of health delivered in morning. Naariyal Paani & a guide to not only balanced healthy eating but also the importance of exercise and rest. Will be going back and again with this one!


Needed some music therapy…The youngest one in the family got it sorted. Now every morning I get to wake up dancing. Happy start credits goes to DJ Rishi!


Jai Veeru – Sholey – Basanti & Dhanno ! Garam Dharam has just the right ambience for DEOL Lovers.


In between conversations… we find the best moments of Life with soul sisters!


Cupidity- Ping Me, Love : Conversations, coffee and friends you meet unexpectedly together makes a wonderful journey… I love this book simply for the wonderful character development and the storyline. A great light read. Highly Recommended! Friends meeting online from various backgrounds. A great pick for LGBT supporters in India.


Wenger’s, Connaught Place – Best quick snack on the go, ever !


Homemade indulgence for today. Ofcourse it needed to be shared!! A blend of ice cream, homemade cake, cookies and secret sauce makes it perfect with just a bit of Pixie dust made from the colorful sprinkles.


Turning Scars into Art: The best of summers are when you exchange letters – Had to turn this photo black and white since the scar was turning all red after all this time… (My very own Dark Mark)


A little trip to Tijara-ji with my Grandparents. My grand-dad surprised me with wearing Ray Bans all the way, chosing to eat the Blue spicy Masala Magic Lays instead of the classic salt or the American ones. Also, since he has been health conscious and a person who has his own exercise regime, his love for food stays strong with healthy inventions in kitchen while both my grand parents have a love for Gol gappas!


This little trip has to be my favorite forever… Just grandparents and two of the 9 grand-children and loads of fun!


Re-organizing bookshelves with a book lover kicks in major inspiration to read more!


I made that at home (not) on a home-day with Mansi while we dismantled, categorized and finally organised the shelves… Well I made the coffee! The breads were one portion of our ever so other-enthusiastic meal orders. We kind of end up ordering for 5 people instead of just the two of us…


Currently reading – Where Rainbows End : Strawberry candle and a desi bhel with loads of salad slipped in ad some major kick of finely chopped green chilies.


Goodness of Earl Grey and Green packed up in one. I think dealing with no coffee in closet on a monday morning might not be so hard.

Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern was something my friend Mansi recommended and I picked it without a second thought. That is what I do when she tells me to pick a book or a song. While re-organising my bookshelf, we sorted books in order to read and I am so soooo happy that we picked this happy book! Also, Sancha Tea Boutique at Santushti Complex is one of the hidden gems Ankush introduced me to a year back…

As for shoot update, my client today is a 3 month baby girl and I am super excited!


I am left with a last few chapters and must read it before a memorable day! How amazing it is to have for someone to wait patiently while you get to the end of the book, tears rolling down…and they are just there to hold on to and let you be… Blessed.


One of the best pastas!


I have a major crush on my friend’s collection of cutlery and home decor pieces. Just saw this photo and had to repost here! I wish my desk was this organised and I had such wonderful pieces assembled… Tray from Dilli Hatt, Good Earth mugs for classic masala chai – guess this was the Mughal collection. Can’t ask for a better work break!


This concludes my summer! Since July is MY MONTH! I love that my birthday is in the last week yet I get to celebrate and pamper myself  ‘birthday special in my mind’ throughout the month and the following week taking it forward to August!

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