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Favorites : July 2016

July is my very own month in the year. Depending upon rain (more the merrier) this month has a solid competition with December. Honestly, who doesn’t love December?

Here is what I received as a first surprise for the birthday month! Got lucky with Bloomsbury India’s giveaway. This one particularly was way too tempting to miss out on. Taking Y/A to a whole new level.


When in Gurgaon (Gurugram) especially for night-long conversations, go for an awesomeness packed pizza from Crusty’s. I am obsessed with it!

P.s. Just a little point to note- This is best when it is hot and crispy, this in no way works like the pizza straight out of fridge.


Early morning long drive with rain all the way calls for a treat. A perfect stop point has to be Taj CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) for a perfect start to day ahead – essential especially after a night stay over.


Hitting a milestone also means you finally take steps you had been planning for years. I finally have a planner so I don’t take years for simple little things in life… In love with this customized A5 Ring-binder planner.


This is what dreams are made of… See that spot on left… Isn’t that a perfect spot for reading?


Coffee dates and journaling…Having inspirational quotes in an everyday journal is all you need to et started. I got mine to write down all my everyday positive thoughts from Design Maison and it is perfect size to go in my bag along with my planner!


A start of something new… A series of story-telling I am working on.. More soon..


Delhi-through the seasons by Khushwant Singh : A rainy day calls in for a wonderful book like this!

Got this one from Sunday Book Bazaar.


Happiness is when your friend order the entire wishlist from amazon! One of the few books that came in early…

How to be an explorer of the world is simple yet fun book. Highly recommended if you are ready to take your childhood activities as an adventure being a grown up.


Can’t really call it a perfect day without the Cinnabon and Coffee – those matchsticks were the candles!


A day to fall in love with Smoke House Deli at Khan Market…we shopped at the stationary and walked in the rain only to find a fabulous variety of hot pressed-coffees… follow up photographs are from there and with one heck of a surprise! It is hard to match up to this for a Potterhead.


Yes! My very own wand from none other than Ollivanders.


I think my jaw must have touched down the floor, this is only the after-picture…


I do need another day with a tiny flower in my drink… Smoke House Deli is surly becoming my favorite spots in town.


Loved the art on the walls by Kriti Monga of Turmeric Design..


Homemade goodness! One of the many pasta experiments that turned fantastic. I guess I will be blending up more herbs & power-seeds from now on…


High on design & presentation… yet the biggest disappointment in terms of food..


Once you get hold of this one, well you just can’t stop. No matter how bizarre it all seems. My take on this book if anyone wants to know- Seems to be a book commissioned to none other than Rita Skeeter by Draco Malfoy!

Expect masala, loads and loads of hilarious masala!


31st July.. morning look like this! Espresso Patronum case from Case.Up ..

T-shirt that says Mischief Managed at the back and a newly acquired wand on my birthday custom made by a friend. Loving it all. Don’t know a better end to the wonderful month.


Well, maybe with a warm fresh out of the oven blueberry muffin at Cha Bar (Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place)


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