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Favorites : January 2016

I have been wanting to keep my favorites post under 20 photographs… but when life is happening, you can’t really define things and restrict things in numbers.

The year kick started with memories ofcourse…!

I have a thing with memories.
I am such a sucker for memories that I practically planned my entire life and living around it.
I am a professional photographer and keep my love of writing and reading alive by blogging.
And then there is food and travel- which take me to a new journey everytime I start falling into a routine.
A New Year is about everything new.. But I like to take my year forward with happy memories
I’ve grown attached to an old sandook (which I have no clue belonged to whom in my family). Tonight I am going to cherish everything this treasure chest has…Wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year!


Setting up Book Reading Challenge goals on Goodreads in one of my favorite reasons for a New Year.. This year I wanted to read 100 books but got it down to 75 after looking at my To-Be-Read pile of big chunky stories…Also, I sometimes take a week or two off when a story shake my emotions all up. I am looking forward to stories like that this year.


I am a BIG Foodie. Good food and great company is my absolute therapy at all times. Here is what my Zomato profile looked like.


This is by far one of my favs- Crispy levels and cheesy levels get a full score…! Ambrosia Bliss is one MY-Kind of places now.


Happiness is when your sister bakes! Super healthy dessert…made from wheat, cranberries, home whipped cream and fresh strawberries. 100% eggless and yet fluffy and yum. Let me know in comments if anyone would like the recipe for it..


Just have a crush on this photograph from the moment I saw it. The vibe!


Found this lil gem place at Netaji Subhash Place. My cousin introduced this place to me and this is the point I started eating burgers again. This is is from Grub and is their special. Great deal to go with ice tea! err.. I have to mention to go easy on the meyo sauce while placing my order. Highly Recommended!


As you can tell from above, my cousin is a bigger foodie than I am. I am just blessed! Kurkuri chaap from Wheelz. Yum through and through. It is a little too crunchy so you might want to make sure grab something to drink along. Oh also, their veg biryani is a pretty decent meal if you are hungry!


Dilli Hatt visit means… In love with quirky designs from Haathi Chaap. All products are made from elephant dung. Sounds crazy but it is pretty cool and goes great with environment.


Meeting fabulous people at Dilli Hatt is ofcourse the added perks. Following my love for Indigo, ended up at this stall and this woman made me buy a fab kurti! I bet I’ll be posting that photo either in this post or next month’s favs.


Don’t we all save photos of dream spaces? This library done beautifully around a door is on my wishlist!


Letting the books soak in some sun! Also, a quick post on clean up books.


Just how it all is displayed in open at Sunday Book market at Paharganj.


Jab jaago tabhi savera – Life of a Freelancer, dreamer and over-thinker! Oh and the coffee love!


At the World Book fair at Pragati Maidan. I would have got this edition in a heartbeat…but I am not sure how I really feel about Alice in Wonderland. I connect to a lot of quotes, not entirely to the book. I’ll give this book a miss for now… posing with it -coz we are all MAD in here…


Rare old books, classics and a heaven for Book Collector. I love the feeling of this place, I am just not into classics so I simply stand on the side and appreciate it for hours while my friend Mansi digs in her WONDERLAND.


A bag full of Hardcovers and our hands full too… Unexpected haul. The next time we promise to get trolleys along. Don’t judge when you see a copy of Twilight here. It was the first huge series I read and hence it will always be special. Gave it to someone and it never came back to me. So I just had to pick this up. Can you spot ‘Remember Me?’ This became my special for this year!


Geeky chai mode on at Chaayos.


Alan Rickman…


In love with this GALAZY cake!


Wedding Decor at County Inn and Suits at Sahibabad. The most fantastic setup of bookshelves all around. Even though the theme wasn’t prominently given a name – but this sure was Beauty and the Beast! I was jumping excitedly all the time!


Having Shillong Chamber to make the night special is a wedding reception done right!


Not so much as Toms. Comfy- literally second skins.


well.. some serious book obsessions happening.



Shooting with Guilty Bytes as the blogger Devina completes 4 years into blogging. Loved the day.

Here is the full post. 


The night that was…


Raasta at Cyber hub has to be my kind of perfect place!


Just a relaxed view from Angel’s in My Kitchen at Cyber Hub Gurgaon.


And we eat pizzas after we are done with Desserts. California Kitchen – we had to get it packed for the morning ofcourse.


Fixing the morning with fresh fruity pancakes – I don’t always do that ofcourse. Oh! and that pizza slice *wink*


Time to get back into the READ ON mode.


Achieved my room goals. Whenever I get tired of dusting, all I have to do is re-organise my books so there is minimal dusting involved!


Secret Santa this year has been fun! The books I received this year were fantastic! So thankful of all the wonderful people!

Here is a post on GIFT A BOOK and things to keep in mind while sharing your personal information.


Good weather and food calls for a good book..Spending time with this in perfect weather today post shoot! I now have started carrying my books in a pouch that I keep in my camera/everyday bag. Keeps the book safe while travelling. And I love this one the most with two birdies that was gifted to me by my sister long ago (From LoomMool). I am finally making great use of it. Oh – also love these fresh hot paneer momos !
Today was truly Poetry for Life!


Loved the dress and the vibe!


Back to Dilli Hatt for the third time now.. found an artist sitting in one random corner making these wonderful Bookmarks! Had to get them.. I got mine in Sunflare Arthouse.


Remember the indigo kurti and the lady above? Wore this on the visit to Dilli Hatt itself.. at INA metro station.


That’s all for January.. I know for sure that I have missed on a lot of moments, but I am already exceeding my photo limit here and I am so excited for the yea ahead..

The favorites post is a series starting from January 2015. You can find all the posts in the series in Journal section.

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