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Favorites : February 2016

February is and has been the month of love! This also meant we shot a lot of weddings and attended many aswell. It was fun to stumble upon school friends and shoot their wedding too. In between was reading some amazing books, visiting cafe – coz who misses out at doing it when the winters are still here and let’s just say this was a month of a lot of surprises…

Coffe time with sister! Loved the food, coffee and ambiance at Diggin, Delhi.
Oh and we ordered some sushi on the go too!


This life changing book is all I needed! Beautifully put together book! Review here.


Sneak peek of this maternity shoot – Neha & Sanjeev


Fruit Punch at Royal Cafe in Lucknow is a must have when you are in the city of nawabs! Also, try the basket chaat. You’ll need to share it if you want to finish it!


Suiting up. MR. Imageshastra is giving himself finishing touches after the setup and arrangements – Ready to shoot the wedding!


The photobooth and instant printing at Varuna and Amol’s wedding was fun! Custom envelops and quick prints for memories being the highlight of the day!




Golden Fishy love at Beauty Station by Shikha Dua – Always love this place!


After a haircut – The only place I trust with my hair & a fun blow dry!


It’s family time with weddings and all the fun jazz. It rained and it was oh so fun!


Do you know any Good Boys?
Amazing book for anyone who is currently going through the adventure of arranged marriage!
Fantastic if you have been in the situation, currently in it or just want to laugh coz you have seen a friend or cousin go through it. We all do!
A light, fun and honest book. Finished it off in one sitting and laughed so hard! Highly recommended.


The gorgeous bride in Lucknow! So many memories and so much adventure… so much love from this city!

Glimpse from the Lucknow Wedding


Hairstyle lust! Deepika Padukone!


Some random madness. Trying out crazy meals and shopping from the various startups. Happiness from Hasley India.


Time for some fantasy read and enjoying the time with a Cake in a Jar from Whipped. Oreo crunch being my personal favorite!

Silver in the Blood is a book that I loved for the writing style! Keeping my eye out for the next release in the series.


Sabyasachi – Heritage Wedding box! Shooting the makeup at Anu Kaushik.


Guess who? That’s my school time class mate! Love where my love of photographing weddings take me for new adventures and bring back old memories! Anjali & Pulkit – Team Imageshastra


Team Imageshastra, MUA by Anu Kaushik and on the way Orana… Perfect day!


Endless selfies ! Catching up with school friends while shoot the school friend’s wedding! Now that is something I totally loved!


My very own illustrated edition of Harry Potter by Jim Kay! The obvious excitement!


Insides into the World of Magic & Hope!


Finding awesomeness at Kid’s section! It played..yes yes yes!


Being with loved ones is the happiest feeling in life. Can’t help but smile at the candid moments shot at recent wedding in Lucknow!


Wedding fun with my people!


Evening scenes with good music and coffee!



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