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Favorites : August 2016

For me personally the months July and August are the months of magic. It happen to be the months when we two Leo sisters were born…and with that bond we share a deep inspiration and magic within each other. This year has been extra special with a baby due in the family and we are all excited for baby Manchi! My month was a pure cocktail of everything awesome put together..

You see that door? I am taking a lil trip to the Secret Garden with some watercolors and Earl Grey Tea by my side.. anyone else into it? Check out all the amazing coloring books…


Here’s a glimpse into a special day… of celebrations and so much more!


A little setup of behind-the-scenes of a fabulous hairstyle from BridesMaids shoot! Here is a link of the video.


Bride-to-be herself in the ninja drive mode..


A hectic day calls for dose of Nutella – with the tiny fork I smuggled from a wedding.. It obviously broke while I tried to get the last bits from the jar.


Post shoot shenanigans… up on the swing – childhood favorites!


We are back at the Jamie’s Pizzeria by Jamie Oliver with pretty diaries and conversations that have no end…


Literally everything you do! There is a lot more to Harry Potter than just a crush on Daniel Radcliffe.

P.s. I never had a crush on him though.


A perfect rainy day for a gorgeous wedding …


A little behind-the-scenes as the wedding decor comes to life for a wonderful night of celebrations and dancing!


Shooting tonight with Imageshastra #wildonekishaadi


Making the happily drunk people look pretty with diffused lighting… that’s how we call it a night…


Espresso shots with brownie and ice-cream for the non-drinkers so we call it our perfect night!


Bridesmaid Shoot at Taj Hotel. Post is up !


Delhi has a little something to surprise you on the go. This one is a snapshot from Delhi Cantonment.


Somedays the only coffee needed is Kesar Cappuccino at Barista.


Leaving behind tiny letters…


Letters for people and fairies… Find the Best of Cicely Mary Barker


Setting up for a Boho-inspired Maternity Shoot – Manchi Maternity


Sneek peak…


WONDER by RJ Palacio : Tucked in and reading this wonderful book. For the longest time this book was in my To-Be-Read pile and I loved every second of it while reading the book. I especially loved the additional Julian Chapter and was excited to see that there are further content available giving the point of view of the characters in the book.


Back here again – This time to treat a friend and introduce the meal to them… Unfortunately, today was the day when the food wasn’t as good.


Early morning shoot day calls for a tiny shoot at the cafe itself. This one is CCD.


Say Hi! to my baby!


Works of a local artist… I am in love with every single element in this photograph. The diaries belong to a friend who got one of them from Dilli Hatt while the other was gift from a loved one. That diary is my favourite piece of at work with all the wonderful poetry by Mansi Kwatra in it…


Still has to be one of my favorite couple sessions of all time. These high-school lovers simply make me smile every-time!


Love Letters to the Dead and We Were Liars : Reading these two together was a time of my life that genuinely shook me to a level that I was in reading-slum for the longest time. Totally unexpected and completely different. These two books deal with loss and mental health for young ones suffering from loss of loved ones. Both of these books are tragic yet the kind that will make you turn the pages.


The perfect kind of breakfast!


A surprise birthday for Richa! We spent the night playing Ludo while we were so sleepy, we basically were sleep-drunk talking which was hilarious! Ever happened to anyone of you? Being so sleepy that whatever you say makes absolutely no sense yet everyone ends up laughing?


WORD! From the archives of Mansi Kwatra


Remus and Tonks! My favorites!


Time for some childhood fun treats with Cadbury Marvellous!


A simply glace into life by the year with the 5-Year-Journal  something I personally love and am keeping up with.

Tip: Keep it by your bed-side so it isn’t ignored.


Book Haul from World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan – This desn’t look much but we got your shoulders red. Also, we were drenched in rain before we got to the venue.


Icy cold feet with heavy bags from happy haul calls for a good coffee and striking a conversation with strangers!


You don’t always find people organizing books at a cheap stall, but when you do, you know you can have a clear mind and complete your sets for real deals!


Featured on WedMeGood


When your friend sends in a screenshot saying she loved this! I have to say – Ritu Kumar does the best job!


Been having fun with these Calligraphy pens. Love the flow of this! The best part is that these can be used as paint brushes once the ink runs out.


HAHAHA! This one is funny!


One of my personal favorites from the shoot.


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