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Engage readers on Blog

10 ways to engage readers on your blog
Blog is one of the best ways to connect to millions of audiences across the world. All one needs is a zeal to reach out to people and share their voice. Within a few clicks, one can create a blog and start sharing their ideas and thoughts. Where on one hand people like to blog their personal experiences to share among family and friends, on the other, blogging is used to reach out to wider audience for business benefits and to earn through blog.
Blogging can be a great business tool that can help enrich a business and target the right customers and consumers of services provided by that business. It is highly important to create a blog that not only provides the audience with the information but also makes them feel connected to the brand/business with a little personal touch that keeps it engaging and helps maintaining the brand loyalty among target audience. It is highly essential to keep the blog active and engaging.
Below are  ten points that would help in not only keeping the blog interactive but would also help in creating a community where the audiences would love to come over and over again.

1.                  Give what the audience is looking for: It is highly essential that the blog contains what the audience came there looking for. If the reader doesn’t find what they came looking for, they would instantly move away. Before engaging the readers, it is essential to give them what they were looking for.  Hence, quality content is important.
2.                  Use fresh style: A post should be written in a manner that people can connect to that. No one wants to come back to a blog that had brought a huge yawn when they first read it. A post must always be written in a manner wherein audience can connect to it.
3.                  Guest posts: One of the most engaging ways is to team up with other bloggers and professionals who would write a guest post for the blog. Guest posts not only bring the guest’s audience to the blog when they share it with their audience, but also bring a fresh view to the blog.
4.                  Stay active on social media: Social platforms not only help in reaching wider audiences on the blog but can also be used to prompt the audiences to visit the blogs and respond there. A simple post asking the reader to head over to the blog and comment there with an interesting answer can be more engaging than anything else.
5.                  Ask for response/suggestions: An interesting piece of post can be made engaging by simply asking the reader to post their thoughts on a given post.
6.                  Make it easy to comment: The blog design can be a great player when it comes to commenting. A reader only has enough time to read and move on. So if anyone is actually taking that time to comment, it would be unfair to make the task complicated. Keep it simple and easy.
7.                  Always reply to every single comment: Readers who actually take time in commenting are the ones who would come over again and again. Always makes sure you reply to their comments. Replying not only implies that you read the comment but also helps in engaging thoughts of other readers that lead to further discussions.
8.                  End post with a question: After a marvelously written post, it is always great to prompt the reader to comment or add their point of view right after the post ends. A reader is most likely to comment when asked about their opinion.
9.                  Network with bloggers in same league: A prime rule of social media marketing involves socializing with other bloggers who are in the same or related business. Commenting on posts on other blogs not only helps in socializing with other bloggers but also brings in traffic from those blogs.
10.              Launch a contest: Who doesn’t like freebies and gifts! Engage your audience with weekly or monthly contests and introduce new business highlights on the blog. A highly engaging contest can ask the readers to write a testimonial and share the link over various social media like Facebook, Twitter, G+ or on their own blog. The response can be tremendous with such contests and it helps in great marketing of a newly launched product.
The above mentioned points can help in engaging readers on the blog. Do take a moment and comment below what you think about this post and share any of the tips that we might have forgot to mention above.

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