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Detox Bible – Day 3 – Mango Yogurt with Dried Apricots & Banana


Ladies! Not only this helps fill your tummy. . But is perfect & healthy pick me up for PMS.. you heard it from me! Fruit, yogurt & nuts.. You don

Recipe from the book : 

The fruit yogurts you buy are always very sweet. If you make your own, adding fruit and nuts to soya yogurt, the fruit flavors will be fresh and their natural ripe sweetness will make the yogurt taste very indulgent.


1 ripe mango
4 tbsp plain soya yogurt
1 banana, sliced
100g dried apricots, roughly chopped
50g Brazil nuts, roughly chopped
A handful of sunflower seeds


1. Cut the mango in half, slicing down on either side of the stone. Score the flesh in each half and scoop it out with a spoon. Then remove the rest of the flesh surrounding the stone. Finely dice all the mango flesh.

2. Put the mango in a bowl with the soya yogurt and fold together. Cover and chill for 20 minutes. This will help flavors to develop.

3. To serve, simply spoon the yogurt into two bowls, add the sliced banana and top with the dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

My Inputs: 

  • I served this is a bowl with a straw since the mango I used was extremely juicy!
  • You can add any nuts that you want.. I added almonds and cashew-nuts for an extra kick for the day.
  • You can use any fresh seasonal fruit to it.
  • I forgot to add dried apricots, hence it is not in photograph, however.. I only realized it later and it tasted fantastic even without it (although I did add it later). A lot of local stores are selling dried fruits but most of them have sugar coatings. You might want to give it a skip and look for the ones without sugar coating.
  • Works as a perfect breakfast and can be prepared in no time.

Ladies! Not only does this helps fill your tummy..but is a perfect & healthy pick me up .. for PMS… you heard it from me! Perfect breakfast, no staying hungry and this works to fix it all. Ladies, you don’t get this offer even at craziest of sale of the year! You gotta ‘bookmark’ this!

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