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Delicious everyday Indian Cuisines you can try now!

The flavour and fragrance of rich Indian food is tempting enough to send just anyone into food coma. Every Indian state has its own unique way of preparing food and adding some special ingredients to their dishes to make their food all the more scrumptious and enticing. And the ones who are passionate about cooking it, love to make food from scratch. No matter how much we love to relish Western food, Indian cuisine will always have a special place in our heart and it’s just a matter of few days before we start to long for it. If you have been craving for it and wondering what to prepare this weekend to delight your taste buds, here’s a curated list of Indian recipes which will leave you spellbound:

Achari Paneer – The name itself is mouth-watering and not to mention, splendid. Chances are that you would have already tasted this food at restaurants and the great Indian weddings! Well, now is the time that you prepare this restaurant style food at home. The recipe involves usage of ingredients such as paneer cubes, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, sliced onions, curd, black salt, plain flour, coriander, oil and more. You can read the full ingredients list and recipe of my take on Achari Paneer.
Steamed Dhokla – Gujrati cuisine holds many delicious dishes and primarily vegetarian. The sweet-tartly dhokla is one dish which is loved by many. And not just by Indians, but even by internationals. The bright looking dish can make anyone’s dull day bright as it is high on yum quotient. The recipe involves ingredients like gram flour, citric acid, sugar, turmeric, baking soda, chili, curry leaves and more. The recipe takes less than 30 minutes to get prepared.

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Idli, Dosa and Sambhar – A cult favorite of Indians, Idli, dosa and sambhar are something which are not only supremely yummy but can help you lose weight along with many health benefits. The rice pancake is a popular breakfast recipe but can be relished at just any time during the day. The addition of coconut chutney to them makes it perfect. Plus, it’s easy to prepare.
Dal Makhani – A royal Punjabi cuisine dish, Dal Makhani is a heavy dal preparation that involves a combination of urad dal and rajma. It’s mostly made using heavy cream and butter to give it the rich finishing touch. It’s hard to miss ordering it when going outside to an Indian restaurant. The name itself tempts you and fills exquisite pictures in your head.
Vegetable Pulao – Even the ones who are very picky in choosing their vegetables love vegetable pulao because it’s super tasty and the choices can always be personalized. One can have it with raita, pickle or even any dish which has gravy. Some even like to have it with papad. It can be prepared in a pan or even a cooker. I especially love the Hydrabadi Biryani version since it is full of nutrition is high on flavor meter!

Needless to say, these can instantly impress your guests and mother-in-law! And no, this post is not only for to-be-brides, it is for anyone who loves cooking!

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