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Couple Session: Shipra & Vipul

I met Shipra and Vipul a couple of weeks ago over coffee to talk about know their story of falling in love and coming to this wonderful day! Vipul had a crush on Shipra since forever coz both of them live closeby.. but never really got in touch or approached her … fast forward to grown up years & moving forward to their wedding date 6.02.2018 is here!

For their pre-wedding shoot, the focus was simple.. to create memories of a lifetime that are truly special to them and somewhere (secretly) document their favorite moments into a lil series. As I hold back to some of my favorite photos from this shoot (coz privacy) is a glimpse into warm fuzzies of love!

A BIG thankyou to my forever cheerer and supporter Anjali maasi!
She has literally been my backbone and I can crash down into tears everytime I think how lucky I am to have her in my life. I have so many wonderful sessions all coming from her extended family that is equally fun and loving & I am soo soo sooooo thankful to each and everyone who has been equally excited as I am while creating memories for them! Cheers!
Also, a very special thanks to Jayati for sending out such a strong and overwhelming recommendation. So blessed to have your trust in me and getting to know just how much you loved your couple session.. I can never ever forget how excited Shipra was while sharing it all with me! Just has to has to has to be my favvvvvv moment as a photographer! yyyaaaaaaiiiieee !

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  • Anjali

    Megha im so proud of you darling…keep making beautiful memories …love u a lot ❤❤❤❤

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