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Couple Session: Hema & Sanjay {Anniversary: 15 years of Togetherness}

Before I start with anything, I have to share that this shoot is one of the shoots I have done in my career which makes me proud of myself in more ways than one!

I have to admit, Sanjay is one person who will make the ladies go weak in their knees. I have known both of them and truly feel honored to now have worked with them. I was told Hema was saving me up for her 25th Anniversary, but Sanjay turned her birthday this year into an ultimate surprise and a shoot with me was one of the many fabulous things he planned in the day – well with the help of a sweet fairy!

Jayati is the fairy we are talking about and she truly deserves the Prince she is married to : I have worked with them previously a couple of months back… You can see their couple shoot- (Jayati& Rishi’s Couple Session) {Hint:We worked with Stardust and white horses too!}

This shoot was planned and executed in less than 24 hours which included an engagement of my first cousin. Hema and Sanjay are adorable people and I enjoyed and loved every bit of time at shoot with them!


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Tell you a fun bit – This shoot was done on Hema’s  Birthday and she had no clue that the shoot will be happening! We had to coordinate so the day is the perfect memory for her and she didn’t know about me until she saw me… I knew all the while that it was all a surprise and couldn’t help but play the tunes of Disney’s movie UP in my mind… and then on the way to the shoot, saw these balloons.. THIS HAD TO HAPPEN!


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