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Couple Session: Amrit & Gultej

As a person, I need to spend some amount of time with people to get to know them, understand what their personalities are and communicate to form a bond. When it is time for me to wear my Professional Photographer’s shoes – these are the base that helps me to have great understanding of people I will be working with.

A lot of people think it is unprofessional to be personal with a client, but unfortunate as it may be in my case, I simply can’t work in a stiff environment. I am a total chatterbox while I am around my clients and enjoy listening about their moments and stories!

On contrary to it all, I met Amrit & Gultej on the shoot day – AT THE LOCATION! One of my dear friend and couple I worked in past recommended and connected us. Amrit simply told me she trusts me with the shoot. That level of trust is what formed an instant bond! Over whatsapp conversations and discussions on how,where and when the shoot will be executed – we met … & had fabulous time!

Amrit and Gultej share fantastic chemistry (which was literally oozing out) during the shoot and that made it perfect.

I often request my clients to take a day out without any prior commitments for the day. (A day with work on mind is nothing but a massive distraction). It is a time for couples to be on a date and every couple deserves a day off from all the buzz before their wedding.

P.s. We might have kept this guy away from his gym session on this particular day of picking 500 Pounds.

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