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Cook Gourmet – Cook Easy at Home

Cook Gourmet is easy to make and affordable food box that comes with fresh ingredients in the right quantity. The recipes change every week, so this seems to be a great way to try something healthy & fresh in the comfort of your home.

Cook Gourmet Box1 (1)

Each box serves two and comes with recipe with making procedure (which usually takes 10-15 minutes to make).

Cook Gourmet Box1 (2)

Simple directions help anyone to cook up the meal. (less utensils = less after work)

Cook Gourmet Box1 (3)

All ingreadients are individually packed, so you can choose which ones o add and which one to skip. I kept the use of cheese low and avoided too much butter.

Cook Gourmet Box1 (4)

Good thing is, it comes in a box and the mess goes in a box. The most you have to do it clean up the pan.

Cook Gourmet Box1 (5)

Just a few minutes in kitchen and it is ready…

Cook Gourmet Box1 (6)

Once it is ready, you can simply sit and enjoy your meal. This is my new fav corner to read.

Cook Gourmet Box1 (8)

The website is easy to use and COD is available along with delivery within 2 hours. That’s pretty cool if you ask me!

cook gourmet


I like the overall concept, however, to begin with, I would like to try the box with simpler recipes of whose taste has already been developed. 

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