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Cleaning Old Books

Who doesn’t love getting books for cheap?

The hardcover books are sure expensive, and the good part about thrift book shopping is that you can hit the jackpot! I got mine for INR30 each i.e. less than $0.50. Seriously!

Fabulous for anyone who wishes to take up the book while travelling and just leave it to avoid the flight excess baggage charges. But then, some of us are the kind of readers who simply love reading in the comfort of our beds. Some of us love to read when we are eating and some of us just like our books clean and smelling good (not stale).

Got these books from Sunday Bazaar for quick reads.. Spreading it out in some winter sun before they go up on shelves (which do not have any more space - so rearranging is the agenda for the day). Read more about how to clean up books on blog tonight.  I checked with these books on #goodreads and all of them were 4⭐️ &above. Win win!  #books #cleaningbooks #bazaar #sundaymarket #dilli #delhi #olddelhi #sodelhi #booklover #bookcollector #ya #chicklit #readathon#owlcraterpsearch

Now since I posted my query while looking for ways to fix all the books I got off the road, on one of groups, I got a lady backlashing me for absolutely no reason. I mean is it bad to ask how to sanitize a book? Anyway, anyone who is offended of this post, I DO NOT apologise in advance. This post is for anyone who loves books and is looking simple ways to clean them.  I welcome all book lovers with open arms to join in for the love of books.

So here are ways you can clean old books:

  1. Put them in sun – Trust me, nothing works better than sun! Fantastic especially when the sun is harsh. Natural heat will kill a lot of paper bugs and will naturally take a lot of smell off the damp pages.
  2. Baking Soda- Add baking soda in a pouch and keep it in air tight space with books in it. Good old trunks can be used for this purpose or else carton boxes work fine too! For extra goodness, add a pouch of your fav fragrance. My mom loves the fragrance sachets for wardrobe from Cauvery and I have been following on her footsteps. They are fantastic and come in sandalwood fragrance. Books, cozy-corner and fragrance from mountains? YES!
  3. Baby wipes- Confession, moms love this product and I can’t agree more as to how useful these can be when it comes to wiping the dust jacket/cover of the book.
  4. Dettol spray- 1:1 ration of Dettol & water does all the work! I personally have used this and totally loved it. However, a word of caution, this technique is not for coffee table books. It can lead to de-coloring of photographs and text and you don’t want that! So be careful before using this technique.

Know any more ways to clean up books? Share with me in comment section below!

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