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Buying Ban : Journals

I have been addicted and fallen prey of gorgeous spines and reading heaps and tiring myself up completely…and and and…phew.

Well all that comes with blowing up money- which I am particularly not sure of if I can afford to continue anymore… owing to the fact that I just got a new Lens – I wasn’t lying when I said earlier that I work to be able to afford lenses and books.

Having 300 books in my library, I still feel I can push myself further there.. so a book ban would not come anytime before I reach 500 books at the least. ( A huge TBR pile may be an issue – but I simply can’t resist if Amazon/Flipkart comes up with anything tempting!)

20150728 B

However, now I have to put myself under the Journal buying ban. My beloved sandook simply can’t make space for any more diaries, journals, notepads, scraps of papers or files.

So from today, I am on a complete Journal buying ban – There are absolutely no exceptions there!

This includes :

1.) Journals

2.) Diaries

3.) Notebooks/notepads

4.) Paper – packing or textured

5.) Anything with a gorgeous cover/spine containing pages to be able to write in.


  • Mansi Kwatra

    Haha. Good luck with that! 😊

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