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Bridesmaids Day Out (Ft. Guilty Bytes)

I am so delighted to be a part of a memorable Bridesmaid shoot where all the beautiful friends of to-be-bride Devina were together to cherish their times together. Each one of them has an aura and each one shares a special memory with the bride and it is heart-warming to see they are there together to celebrate and cherish one of the most important step in their friend’s life.

Working with Devina for her blog has been a great time for me. It made me push my limits to really think in creative terms to get versatile photographs in a small space with selective resources. This shoot however was more fun than I ever imagined. The hair and makeup by F Salon team was fantastic, gorgeous dresses by Ritu Kumar weaved their own magic, the location – Long Champ at Taj Hotel Delhi provided just the right mood and accessories by Zariin added the oh-so-glam to the look. Ofcourse, we had a time where everyone wanted to be closer to Devina for photos coz for everyone she is special. I have to admit, I loved it the most. Who wouldn’t want friends like that!

Cheers to everyone for making this shoot super fun with chattering, sharing memories, playing with their looks – most importantly – for dancing and making more memories over this shoot..!

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Bridesmaids exclusive shoot with Guilty Bytes – Devina Malhotra.

Photography: Megha Jain (Sunflare Arthouse)
Outfits: Ritu Kumar
Jewelry: Zariini
Clutch: Ru.Saru
Hair & Makeup: F Salon, Rajori Garden

Location : Long Champ, Taj Mahal Hotel (Delhi,India)

Read all about the experience form the To-be-bride Devina herself in her POST.

P.s. Growing up with an aspiring fashion designer who’s favorite designer has been Ritu Kumar, makes it all obvious that you start loving the designer too.
Got the first Ritu Kumar dress during Richa’s wedding shopping and now getting to shoot for the brand as Devina gets married.
Loving it!

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